Jet Set

Taking Linen to NYC has been a dream of mine since the moment I found out we were expecting a baby girl.  For me, New York is the place that has always brought me back to life and uplifted my spirit in a way that no where else does.  It makes me feel like such a strong, capable version of myself and sharing that part of me with Linen was so special.  Not to mention showing her around the city!  It was almost like walking those streets fulfilled her in the same way – she found a confidence and a joy that I’d never seen before and it was such a gift to watch.  From the moment we walked through those hotel doors, she let go of our hands and ran through the lobby, speaking to everyone like she owned the place.  She introduced herself on every elevator ride, used her manners and spoke for herself with everyone we came in contact with, and enjoyed the LITTLE things (that didn’t feel little to mama at all).  Needless to say, I think we were the only ones with a 3 year old (Don’t worry, we have a 5PM reservation) at The Polo Bar and I loved it!  Especially since the boys were born, it’s so important to us to spend that one on one time with Linen, as we will with each of them as they grow, and show her the world in a way that we know speaks to her.  We decided to enjoy a low key, easy trip: we rode through Central Park, shopped the top-floor Christmas department at Bergdorfs, got macarons at Laudrée, roamed the halls of Ralph Lauren, and found peace and simplicity within the hustle and bustle.  I literally could not have asked for a better three days with her – she is my mini in every way!

Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.

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