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Tricycle (getting the boys this one for their first birthday) | Pool | Bubble Machine | Leather Tunnel | Foldable Scooter | Plastic Balls | Water Table | Bounce House | Wicker Basket | Helmet (and this one for the boys)

With today being the first day of Summer, it makes me SO happy that I set myself up for success this season for entertaining the kids at home.  Obviously the boys are still so small (we have this tent that they love playing in with the balls while sissy plays), but soon, we’ll have a ton of toys all over the backyard and I need them to bring MAMA as much joy as they do the babies.  I love our backyard, and we’ve worked our butts off + poured our hearts into making it a space we love to live in.  Because of that, I need it to be both – functional for our family and aesthetically pleasing when I catch a glimpse of it all in the backyard.  Sometimes, not always, it’s a little extra investment, but totally worth it in my opinion!

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