Nearly six years ago, when we purchased this house and decided to renovate, we knew that the entire process would happen in stages.  Slow, intentional decorating and selectively choosing brands that are worth the investment.

Everyone says that the kitchen is the heart of the home and while I couldn’t agree more, the sink area specifically is the heart of our kitchen.  I can’t count on both hands how many times I stand at our sink each day – from brewing coffee first thing in the morning to washing bottles after all three babies are asleep each night.  Not to mention the countless times between the start and finish of our day.  I need our kitchen sink and faucet to inspire the space as a whole while making my life easier no matter the task.

When we first learned about BLANCO, the German kitchen sink and faucet experts, my favorite thing about the brand was that we didn’t have to sacrifice functionality or aesthetic.  With the BLANCO UNIT, BLANCO allows you to select each detail making every component of the sink, faucet and accessories from the brand’s portfolio work seamlessly in your the kitchen.


Three key components, one seamless solution.


We chose our sink from BLANCO’s PRECIS collection.  This particular collection offers a number of different styles and models to fit any kitchen, corresponding accessories such as grids, cutting boards, and baskets, as well as being made of their exclusive material known as SILGRANIT.  Overall, this was one of the reasons we chose to use BLANCO in our space.  Silgranit is a non-porous and smooth, natural granite composite  that’s specifically designed and engineered to take on any kitchen task.  It even has the ability to push away liquids, resulting in a low-maintenance  surface that’s easy to clean.  Unlike most kitchen sink materials, Silgranit is extremely durable and available in a variety of colorways to coordinate with the home.


For our kitchen faucet, we went with an option from the EMPRESSA collection,inspired by German wine country by resembling vintage wine press handles. . The EMPRESSA collection has four different models and soap dispenser that coordinate beautifully with any of the BLANCO kitchen sinks for a transitional UNIT.  We chose the EMPRESSA  Bridge in Polished Nickel for a traditional and classic look  and love the innovative pull-down, dual-spray spout that is a hard-to-find feature with other bridge faucets. The EMPRESSA collection also includes a semi-pro kitchen faucet and smaller bar option.


Aside from sinks and faucets, BLANCO offers a wide range of custom kitchen sink accessories for your UNIT.  We chose to go with the Walnut Cutting Board, the colander, and the CapFlow drain cover(my favorite by far to hide any residue!).  Each accessory is such a game changer for seamless workflow and living,making our life so much easier while raising our family! In addition, you can choose an under-the-sink organization system, built-in compost bin, various sink grids, and sink cleaners.  I’m telling you – BLANCO has it all!  

About two weeks into renovating our kitchen, we found out we were expecting two baby boys, making our full house a beautiful family of five.  We cook many meals on a weekly basis, host friends and family often, and wash dishes constantly – we needed a sink and faucet for a growing, busy family and BLANCO was the perfect choice for us.  Fast forward nearly a year and we’re SO thrilled with the UNIT we chose.  It’s the perfect combination of durability meets functionality and we’ll be BLANCO fans for life.

For more information on the brand, you can visit the BLANCO website, here!

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