Cashmere Cardigan {in oatmeal} | Topanga Candle | Tahoe Cashmere Throw | Linen Breeze Gown | Shearling Slippers

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We all know the checklist of items that belong in every hospital bag as you’re running out the door, but this time around, I wanted to focus on little luxuries that would make the entire experience feel more like home.  As most of you know, I had a c-section with Linen and that’s the route we’ll be taking again to bring these baby boys into the world.  Knowing what I know now, the recovery is rough and any little thing that makes the hospital stay easier is so worth it.  Last time, I utilized so many of the products the hospital had and really only reached inside my duffle for the things I wanted because they brought me comfort.  So this time, I decided to make sure those things feel like a little slice of Heaven.  A linen (of course) gown that’s easy to slip on and off for nursing, a cashmere throw that will smell like home, a cozy cardigan to throw on over top when it’s chilly/leave the hospital in, shearling slippers to sit by the bed, and my favorite candle to light just as soon as we’re settled back in at home.

Other things I’ve packed that I recommend for bringing yourself back to life?  A boujee shower gel and lotion for your first shower after delivery.  (I promise you, the scent will always take you back to that moment and it’s the sweetest memory.)  Your own shampoo and conditioner – I never dried my hair or put make up on while in the hospital, but just smelling fresh and feeling clean with your own products makes a world of difference.  A long phone charger, a robe, hair clips, nursing bras, lip balm, and a lot of snacks (with protein).

Linen’s arrival was the same, and once again, we won’t have any visitors while we’re in the hospital.  It ended up being the best thing for us.  I’m so excited to have those few days, just the four of us, to bond with these babies, recover, and hopefully start this next season of life with a really beautiful, beginning.

Thank you so much to my friends at Jenni Kayne for making me feel so loved with so many beautiful pieces to celebrate motherhood.  So grateful!

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.


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