FINALLY!!  (For us and y’all!)  I am SO excited to share our kitchen reveal with you!!  After five years of living in our home, we started this project on January 1st and it has truly been a labor of love.  The kitchen remodel snowballed into the dining room, then we found out we were having two baby boys and needed to start another nursery, so to say we’ve been in overhaul mode would be an understatement! However, I have loved pouring our hearts into every single detail throughout our home — this room specifically.  The kitchen is the heart of the home.  It’s the room we start our day in, usually the last light we turn off at night, and our favorite place to have dance parties with Linen.  Renovating this space has made our home feel completely different as a whole — it’s so much more us and I love that it reflects us.

Luckily, one of our very best friends, Kelly Ford is an amazingly talented Interior Designer here in Greenville so when we decided to tackle this project, asking for her help/guidance was a no brainer.  We we’re confident in so much of what we knew we wanted, but she took every idea we had and made them all 1000x better.  From the floor to the windows, building out this space together was such a dream.  She’s such a visionary (even when we couldn’t see it) and took each and every detail to the next level.  If you’re not already following her, you HAVE to.  She’s incredible.

Since our space is so small, we chose to do custom cabinatry in order to really utilize every inch to it’s full potential.  We opted for more drawers than cabinets, no uppers to let all the natural light in, and a built-in china cabinet wall to give the room character + functionality at the same time.  For appliances, we went with the same brand we previously had, Cafe Appliances, and we’re so glad we did.  The built-in fridge was one of the biggest game changers and makes the space look so intentional.  We were able to hide our coffee pot, microwave, and toaster in the small appliance cabinet to the right of the refrigerator, which has been really nice.  Since we lost a little counter space by shifting things around and decided not to add an island, having the free space on the countertops is ideal.  Now let’s talk about the FLOOR.  This was my one non-negotiable – my dream floor!!  Every kitchen I’ve ever fallen head-over-heels for has this vintage-inspired floor and I knew it was the one piece of drama I wanted in our space.  We decided to go with honed marble and it’s absolutely perfect.  It reminds me of a little French cafe and that’s exactly the vibe I was aiming for.  Next up, the plaster hood.  I found an inspiration photo via Pinterest and knew the moment I did that I wanted to recreate something similar.  Our ceilings are fairly short, only 8.5′ tall so adding a hood gave us a little depth from floor to ceiling.  Adding texture to it by plastering it, rather than simply painting or staining, gave us that old-world feel that felt similar to the floor.  Kelly gave us that idea and we couldn’t love how it turned out more.  Lastly, the windows – I can’t tell you the difference they made in the space!! They were one of the more expensive investments, and we went back and forth plenty of times on how we could cut corners, but ultimately decided that bringing the outdoors in was exactly what the small space needed.  When you walk into the kitchen, all you see from every angle are trees and greenery.  It’s so inviting + warm!  Throughout this renovation, I learned (mostly from Kelly’s advice) that investing in the “bones” of the space is far more important than any decor you could add. The windows, floors, and hood are by far our biggest statement makers and I love how classic they all feel.

We absolutely love creating a space that feels true to who we are and inspires us each day.  Home is where we’re happiest and loving your surroundings is such a big part of that joy.  I truly think the timing was a God thing – we’re about to be in this space A LOT.  The mundane of washing bottles, pulling all-nighters, and eventually, cooking breakfasts and dinners for a family of five so making the kitchen our own before this next season of life feels really gratifying.

Here are some of the details you may want to know, but if there’s anything else I haven’t answered, feel free to ask below and I’ll add it to the information below!

Kitchen Design: Ford Interior Design

Photography: Saint Evans Photography

Cabinet Color: Jitney by Farrow & Ball

Floors: Honed Marble by Circles & Squares

Custom Hood: Wood + Plaster

Countertops: Crystal Venato Quartzite

 Hardware: Rejuvination Unlacquered Brass \\ Long Appliance Pull: Rejuvination

Pendants: DeVOL Kitchens

Sconce: Jamie Young

Windows: Aluminum Clad Exterior / Wood Interior

Bistro Table + Chairs: Antique

Bistro Table Lamp: Panoplie

Striped Linen Throw: Elsie Green

Appliances: Cafe Appliances

Sink | Faucet | Accessories: BLANCO

My Dress: Zara // My Robe: Parachute Home

Thanks so much for stopping by!  X.




Oh my word is this an absolutely STUNNING kitchen! It is so true that it is the heart of the home and investing in the space you spend most of your time is so worthwhile! She did an incredible job and hope the 5 of you get to have many more dance parties on that stunning floor for years to come!


Absolutely STUNNING!!! All of the little details and the beautiful light coming in from all the windows!! Love it!! Wishing you many more kitchen dance parties with your little family! So many Blessings! 🤍


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