There’s nothing I love more than a gift that keeps on giving.  Big or little, an investment or inexpensive, the gifts that have sentiment behind them are the ones we cherish forever.  From starting traditions with your little ones to passing down things your childhood to them, it’s a magical season that carries so many memories along with it.  Here are some of my favorite heirloom gifts for your little:


When it comes to textiles, the options are endless.  It can be (and is even better when it is) both functional and sentimental at the same time.  A quilt they’ll sleep with for years that they can save for their future child or a vintage handkerchief that can live in their chest-of-drawers until they carry it on their wedding day.  Even a hair bow (I have my first bow that Linen has worn a few times) or pair of embroidered bloomers can be so sweet to hold on to.  Linen received an old, linen placemat from a sweet friend of mine for her birthday that matched the ‘garden’ theme perfectly and it’s one of my favorite things in her room to-date.  Bringing Linen home from the hospital in my mom’s Feltman Brothers dress was so special and it’s tucked away safely for her. The bib she wore on her first birthday, the blanket we wrapped her up in at the hospital – all of those physical things that do something for your soul just by touching them. Launder them well, store in something safe until you’re ready to pass them on.


Vintage silver is one of my absolute favorite things to purchase for Linen.  From her Plaza New York baby spoons and her engraved baby cup (one of my favorite baby shower gifts) to her antique hair brush and small silver tray that was passed down from my grandmother – it all stands the test of time.  This silhouette ornament (in sterling silver or brass) is my favorite!  Definitely ordering one for Linen soon.  Plus, the hunt is half the fun!


I mentioned this in last year’s post about what I was getting Linen for her first Christmas, but each year, I’m getting her a turned wooden tree for her room.  It’s a small investment that over the years, will accumulate to her own little forest of trees, each with the year written on the bottom.  This year, I ordered her an advent calendar, too!  As a child, I can remember the absolute joy it was to get to move the tree from day to day, getting closer to Santa’s arrival, so I wanted to recreate that tradition for her.  Christmas ornaments are always a sweet idea and can carry whatever theme you wish, as well as vintage music boxes and snow globes.  Christmas books (that’s our favorite + love this one and this one) with handwritten notes on the inside cover are an easy addition each year, too.  Lastly, I love the idea of pulling out the same plate and cup each year to leave by the fireplace for Santa (I also love this one by Juliska, so special!).  I have the sweetest memories of baking cookies on Christmas Eve and peeling carrots for Santa’s reindeers on Christmas Eve and finding them half eaten the next morning.  It’s so fun to see what your child will gravitate towards as the years pass and I promise you, they’ll look back on those special pieces you put out once a year and feel like they’re magical.  Doesn’t have to be expensive, just has to be a part of their memories.


There have been a few things I’ve started to collect for Linen since I was carrying her, but this is one of those things that you can source any time throughout the year and hold on to until Christmas.  I’ve started picking up linen handkerchiefs when I come across them, vintage Plaza Hotel silver, tiny 14K gold rings for her to wear as soon as she’s old enough, small trinket dishes (this is the Dior one I got her for her first birthday), limoges boxes, and more.  The things that speak to me, that mean something to me, I can only hope will make her feel something one day, too.


I’ve tried to make more of an effort this year to print out photos and have them framed around the house.  There’s nothing cozier about a home to me than memories hanging all over the walls and moments frozen in time filling the table tops.  Professional framing can be so expensive, so I try to save that for the ‘monumental moments’ (as I like to call them) and opt for a vintage frame for the every day ones.  Etsy is the best place to source vintage frames!  Every now and then, I’ll invest in an Aerin photo frame or a sterling silver one, but no matter which way you go – photos make the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

The sweetest details, with the sweet sentiment behind them all, wrapped with love under the tree.  This time of year is so special – I’m so grateful for our little blonde hair, blue eyed babe we get to share it all with.  Thanks so much for stopping by, X.

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Wanna say something…I love all of your ideas! I messaged you a while ago about ideas for our 25th wedding anniversary. You were so sweet to respond with some great ideas. The 25th is the silver anniversary – I decided on a silver champagne bucket with our initials and xxv engraved on it. I know your post is about things for littles but I love the idea that this is something maybe some day one of our 4 kids will have in their home!❤️ Thank you for all of your special ideas!


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