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By now y’all know that our favorite thing to do on any given weekend is work in the yard.  From morning walks around the garden to standing out in the street after a long day’s work, with a glass of wine in hand, admiring our work – we pour so much of ourselves into our outdoor space.  For us, outdoor living is a way of life.  An art.  It’s where we find the most peace, where we feel most connected to simplicity, and where we love to gather our loved ones.  Wave helped us spruce up our space and do just that.

This Spring, we had the lovely opportunity to partner with Wave to plant a few petunias around the cottage and it brought our front porch to life in the most beautiful way!  Wave instantly spruced up our space – the stark white and soft yellow blooms added the perfect touch of Spring.  Petunias are so easy and super low-maintenance, which is exactly what we need right now!  They love the sun and all they need is a little water each day.  Other than that, they are low stress and beautiful bloomers.  Additionally, they tolerate cold to warm temps well, making them the perfect plant for transitional, Spring weather!  Wave offers four petunia collections, one pansy collection (for Fall), and more than 60 different color varieties.  We picked these up at our local Lowes and they can typically be found at most Home Depot’s, too.  Whether you love pops of color or neutral, soft hues like us, Wave has something for you!  They are super simple to plant, too.  All you need is a pot and a little gardening soil.  Gently pull the plant out of the pink Wave pot and place it into it’s new pot.  Fill in with topsoil, making sure the base of the plant is level with the top of the pot.  Pack the soil around the plant and give it a little water to get it used to it’s new home.

Next, up – time to spruce up the chicken coop for warmer weather!  Our five new chicks are thriving back there and it’s given us a renewed love in spending time by the coop.  Obviously, our leisurely afternoons in the garden are a bit limited these days while we tag team Linen, but just another reason to gravitate towards easy, beautiful blooms, all while enjoying the fruits of our labor from previous years.

Whether you’re looking for an easy gift idea, or need to plant a few pots around your own house, Wave is the way to go – just look for the bright pink pots at your local garden store!

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Thanks so much to Wave Gardening for partnering on this post!

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