There’s nothing I love more than looking down at my hands and thinking about the sentiment behind each piece of jewelry I’ve collected over the years.  My rings are a part of my vibe – they not only tell my story, they inspire me and make me feel complete.  Over the years, I’ve cultivated quite the collection of pieces that I truly love, in great because of their sentiment.  I have a couple that I wear on rotation, but for the most part, each ring has a set place each day.  Of course, I’ll continue to add to my collection each year and watch it grow + change year after year, but for the first time in a long time – it feels like I got it right.

Anine Bing Diamond Band: This is the ring I bought for myself the day I found out that I was pregnant with Linen – November 20th, 2019.  I wear this one layered (along with the one below) on my pinky finger.  It gives me all the feels when I see it catch the light.  It’s small and dainty, full of hope and relief.

Anine Bing Diamond Signet Ring: John gave me this ring for my 29th birthday in the middle of a garden.  It was one of my first ‘forever pieces’ that I remember getting and feeling so excited about.  It reminds me of a ring my grandmother used to wear on her pinky and that’s exactly where I wear it, layered on top of the AB band above.

Diamond Antique Ring (Silver, right hand): This was my anniversary gift when John and I were married  for five years.  We were sitting on our swing on the front porch (the same swing hanging in our garden in the backyard) after working in the yard all day and he pulled this beaut out of his pocket.  It’s diamond in shape and has the most beautiful etching on the sides that gives it an ‘old estate sale’ vibe.  It’s stunning and one of those pieces that I can’t wait to see on Linen’s hand one day.

Kate Furman Jewelry Ruby Cigar Band: The newest ring to my collection and in honor of Linen’s birthstone.  I created this custom piece with Kate after Linen was born and she completely brought my vision to life in the most beautiful way.  It has ribbed detailing all the way around and a perfectly, imperfect shaped ruby right in the middle.  It’s a show stopper and easily one of my favorite pieces I own, especially because of who it celebrates.

Cartier Love Band: This band was my 30th birthday present and J had XXX (the roman numeral for 30) engraved on the inside.  It’s a classic piece that I always had on my bucket list and something I know I’ll have forever.  It felt like the perfect gift for such a memorable birthday and I layer it under the next one.

Jane Pope Jewelry ‘Linen’ Ring: Not sure I’ll ever have enough pieces to celebrate motherhood, but I’m doing a really great job trying!  Jane Pope was so kind to gift me this ring a couple of weeks before Linen was born and it’s by far, one of my favorite pieces.  I wore it in the hospital and have the most beautiful memories of wearing it while holding Linen for the first time.  It’s such a special piece and the perfect gift for any new mama.  Something I’ll have forever!  I layer it on top of my Cartier ring and it’s a match made in heaven.

Wedding Rings: Of course, on my left ring finger, is my engagement ring, wedding band and my mom’s wedding band below mine.  I’ve worn the trio together since John and I were married and they’re by far, what mean the most to me.  I’ll wear + cherish these three rings for the rest of my life and will one day, pass them on to my baby girl, just as my mother passed her wedding band on to me.

Vintage Shell Ring: I’m actually not completely sure if that’s the name of this ring, but after a friend gifted it to me, I heard it called ‘the seashell ring’ often.  It’s funny – my mom told me she actually had one identical to it when she was my age and that makes me love it even more!  It’s such a beautiful statement maker, antique 14K gold and I wear in on my left pinky finger.

The perfect mix of old and new, all full of so much love.  As I mentioned before, aside from my every day rings, I have a couple of other rings that I wear on rotation every now and then.  One is a cocktail ring, another a ring I purchased for myself to commemorate an accomplishment, but for the most part, my every day rings rarely leave my fingers.  I look down at my hands each day and see intentionality + heart – and that, my friends, is the real goal.



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I was going to ask about your rings the next time you did a q&a box. 🙂 I’ve come to realize how much I love commemorating events/milestones with jewelry. I have a ring with my son’s birthstone and will soon have one with my daughter’s. The personalized and special pieces mean so much when I look at them and make me happy.


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