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I’ve gotten in the habit of sharing a MORNIN’ post (almost) daily on instagram stories and although I try to switch it up as often as I can, they mostly consist of the caffeine that’s getting me through the morning, sitting pretty on a coffee table book.  Over the years, I’ve curated quite the collection of books that inspire me, in hopes to one day have a small, cozy library to fill.  From our bedroom to our living room, I rearrange them based on my mood, the season, or simply for a change of scenery.  This time of year, I’m all about brightening up our spaces.  The heavy patterns and wintery decor is put away and the light colors and floral accents resurface – including my endless stack of books.  These four are some of my favorites that always make their way to the front and center.  Not only are the covers beautiful, but flipping through them in the mornings starts my day off on the right foot – it makes me feel creative, inspired, and energized.  From outdoor living to in, a beautiful, organized space always uplifts me.  Since the New Year, I’ve tried to be so intentional about making our bed each day, picking up all of the baby toys and burp cloths that seem to take over our home these days, and cleaning the kitchen each night so I can wake up to a space I love.  (Getting back to those tips that make our home feel peaceful at the end of the day!) There’s something about a lust-worthy space on the page of a book that motivates me to create my own.

We’re so close to longer, warmer days and after a few days of living outside and soaking up a little sunshine – I’m rejuvenated and ready for Spring!  Happy first day of March, friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.

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