When I was a child, I always looked forward to every holiday, but there was something about Easter and the beginning of Spring that always excited me more than most.  We would always shop weeks before Easter Sunday, in preparation to find the prettiest dress for church that morning.  The sponge rollers came out the night before (please tell me some of you know what I’m talking about!) and it was one of the few times my mom would let me wear lipgloss or eye shadow.  The three of us would come downstairs on Easter morning to find baskets overflowing with all of our favorites and always looked forward to an egg hunt with all of our cousins after brunch.  We have endless photos and home videos (on VHS, of course) documenting it all – it’s truly those little things that made the best memories.  Linen will only be 8 months old this Easter, but I’m so excited to have a little one of my own this year to start our own traditions with!  (I made her an Easter basket last year, too, I couldn’t resist.)  We’re actually dedicating Linen this Easter Sunday at our church and where J’s dad, Linen’s Poppy, is the Pastor.  It’s going to be such a special day!

Olli Ella Rolling Basket | Floral Bunny Rabbit | White Bunny Rabbit | Camel Bunny Rabbit | Bunny Roo Book | Wooden Eggs | Guess How Much I Love You Book | Bunny Teether | Garden Stickers

After looking at so many options for baskets and liners, I decided to go with this rolling basket by Olli Ella and put my own (linen, of course) liner in it.  Rather than having one basket that collects dust throughout the year, I thought she could roll this one around the yard and take it on beach trips later this Summer.  Gah, even the thought of that is hard to process, but she’ll be running around before we know it!  Since she’s not quite a year old, I simply filled her basket with stuffed animals, a couple of books, wooden eggs I painted for her, and of course, fresh flowers.  However, I’ve found so many adorable Easter ideas + gifts while searching for her, so I’m linking them all for you below!

It doesn’t have to be much, ours never was when I was younger, but it’s something sweet to look forward to each year and I love the tradition!  Most importantly, thankful for an empty tomb and the opportunity to raise Linen to love the Lord.

I hope y’all are having a beautiful week – thanks so much for stopping by!  X.

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