Photos by my love, Carrie Elizabeth Photography

My Outfit: Dress: Ulla Johnson | Scarf: Zara | Boots: Old, similar here | Blazer: ALC

Linen’s Outfit: Zara Mini

Believe it or not, other than the few photos we’ve snapped on our own (which I’m so thankful for every single one), we haven’t taken any family photos until now!  Waiting until Linen was 6 months old felt like the perfect time – her little expressions are priceless.  Carrie has taken photos for us for years.  Endless blog/outfit photos, when our family consisted of just two, our maternity photos, and now the three of us.  The way she captures emotion is my favorite thing about her insane talent and these photos are so special.  We will cherish them for a lifetime!

Meanwhile, it’s been a month since I’ve published a post and I’m sorry for being so quiet on here.  I try to keep up with instagram and stories, but right or wrong, soaking up each and every day with Linen has been my priority.  I always try to be so intentional about being present with whomever I’m with.  J, Linen, family, friends – everyone deserves that time from me, making it somewhat difficult to share the in-between moments or details.  Currently, I’m living life more than I’m documenting it.  The definition of a blogger or influencer these days isn’t who I am. I’m a writer.  A feeler.  I’m a truth teller.  A creative.  There isn’t a fake bone in my body and I struggle to share anything but the absolute truth.  The good, the hard – the little, the big – from my photos to my words, I simply want to share it all in the most genuine way I know how to.  I’m pushing myself to do a better job at creating within this space again, and I promise you, I’m getting my footing and finding a little balance over here!

I love y’all so much – hope you’re having a great week!


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I connected so well with you on the blogger aspect. “ The definition of a blogger or influencer these days isn’t who I am. I’m a writer. A feeler. I’m a truth teller. A creative.” I am about to launch my own blog and my biggest hold up is the social media aspect that it’s come to be. It’s scary for one who wants to share their heart but isn’t the share everything type.


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