Brass Lamp | Hat Box | French Limoges Box | Perfume | Wool Beret | Candle | Pearl Headband | Floral Pillow | Petunia Earrings

My one and only gift guide of 2020 and published 10 days before Christmas – ha!  Welcome to life with a newborn and just this entire year in general.  A little late, but I decided to go ahead and post it not only for inspiration, but also because this gift guide isn’t holiday specific, so you can purchase these gifts for your girlfriends any time of year!  There are so many more items I could’ve added to this list – espresso cups, a good red lipstick, a structured white blouse, woven market basket, cashmere cardigan, and the list goes on and on.  However, being a French lover myself, I wanted to highlight some of my personal favorites to give and receive!

For the home decor lover who gravitates towards a French-chic style, this lamp is STUNNING.  I’m absolutely in love with it.  It’s from my friend Monika’s store and I want it for our kitchen so badly!  It’s on my Christmas list for sure.  Next up, adding a beret to any classic look instantly gives you French vibes and this wool one is so good. Only $26 and great quality!  (Yes, I ordered this for myself. #zaraaddict) One of my favorite French brands, Polene just gifted me this leather, camel handbag and it’s beautiful.  The bucket-bag style and fluted edges are so feminine – such a classic!  A pretty French limoges box is such a great gift (I just talked about starting Linen’s collection this Christmas in this post) and range from $25-$225+.  I love that you can scour the internet to find one that’s super specific to who you’re gifting it to – it makes for a super unique + thoughtful gift.  I’ve wanted a Maison Michel hat for years now, but I’ve yet to find one that looks great on me.  However, I love that they arrive so beautifully wrapped in their signature hat boxes.  Perfect for decorating a corner in your closet + storing your hats.  Today’s life lesson – you can never go wrong with a boujee candle.  I love this sweet, pearl headband (dupe here for $12) and floral earrings to accessorize your feminine looks.  These floral pillows (with a linen backing, which you know I love) are also by my friend Monika Hibbs and SO beautiful.  I want to add them to our living room for Spring!  And lastly, my favorite perfume that comes as a roller ball – perfect for the French girl on-the-go.

Whew – two posts in two days, mama’s back!!  Haha, don’t count on me tomorrow, I take this whole stay-at-home mom thing one day at a time.  I hope y’all are having a beautiful week, XX.


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