For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved everything to do with hair.  From learning to braid on barbies and my mom rolling my hair in hot rollers before church to sneaking her products into my bathroom and starting to do my own curls, I’ve always been fascinated with it.  These days, I’m more focused about the overall of health of my hair and making sure I’m using the best products to keep my hair nourished.  Let’s be honest, nowadays I’m either letting my hair air-dry or styling it to perfection in hopes it will last me for 4-5 days – there’s not a lot of in-between.

Nordstrom has always been my go-to for all things beauty: haircare, skincare, and makeup.  The last couple of years, I’ve really fallen in love with so many of the products by OUAI.  Initially, I started using the Wave Spray and immediately incorporated it into my routine.  I still use it to this day!  I’ve also started using their shampoo + conditioner, dry shampoo, texturizing hair spray and hair oil.  I swear, people ask me all the time what perfume I’m wearing and I usually haven’t even remembered to spray any that day, it’s just my OUAI products on rotation.  Especially their dry shampoo!  This one specifically, their collaboration with BYREDO, smells amazing, as does their normal dry shampoo and hair spray.  Here is my current haircare routine, step by step, and product by product.

IN THE SHOWER: Medium Shampoo + Medium Conditioner

In love with these two – they’re not too heavy and smell amazing.  I always love when a shampoo really suds up well and this shampoo does that.  It makes my hair feel so clean!

WET HAIR: Wave Spray + Hair Oil (on the ends)

The Wave Spray gives my hair texture which helps it to old curl.  It’s also great if I’m just letting my hair air-dry, which I do a lot in the Summer, because it pulls out the neutral wave in my hair.  I only use the hair oil on my ends when it’s wet, as it helps to cut down on the frizz while I’m drying.  After my hair is dry and I’ve styled it, I’ll put a anther pea size amount in my hands and gently run it over the top layer of my hair.  Again, it helps with frizz + makes it shine, all while smelling SO good.

Hair Dryer: T3

I brush my wet hair out with a WET Brush (brand) and dry it with a round brush.

STYLING: Dry Shampoo + Texturizing Hair Spray + Hair Oil

Yes, I use Dry Shampoo even on the day I wash my hair – my hair needs it for the texture and volume. After curling, I use the hair spray to hold the curl and control frizz.  Lastly, another little drop of hair oil does the trick to make it shine and helps to break up the curls as I run my fingers through it.

Curling Wand: T3


Curling Iron: T3

(I use both, depending on whether I want loose curls with an iron or natural waves with a wand, pictured above).

This Thursday, the 29th, Nordstrom is actually hosting a live virtual event where you can tune in to watch the founder of OUAI, Jen Atkin, host a masterclass!  Click HERE to RSVP and check out the other classes they have available this season.

Let me know if you have any questions about my haircare routine below and thanks so much for stopping by!  X.


Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!


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