Well, I’ve almost made it 8 months and the only actual maternity item I’ve purchased is a pair of white denim.  I’ve gravitated towards pieces that will work well with the bump, but that I can also wear after bèbè arrives without feeling bad about what I invested in during this season.  You know me, all about a good closet staple that I’ll wear for years to come and pregnancy has been no different.  That said, I’ve ordered SO many things that I had high hopes for that have been epic fails.  They either won’t zip, won’t button, or I can’t breathe – which is obviously a no-go.  But, can you blame a girl for trying?!  Haha.  Expectation vs. reality is in full swing over here, but as I’m still shopping + scrolling through my favorite websites, I’ve seen so many things that I would be ordering ASAP if I was my normal size right now.  Yesterday, I asked what y’all wanted to see more of on here and a lot of you said maternity wear + staple pieces with and without the bump.  I’ll be sharing a round up of my favorite dresses for pregnancy soon, but while those are few and far between these days, I thought I would go ahead and share a few pieces I would love to fill my closet with for a typical Spring + Summer.  Some of these are so good that I’ll be ordering and saving them for after our little one arrives – they’re so neutral, classic and feminine.

Let me know which pieces you end up ordering – I’ll live vicariously through you!!  Until then, I’m in love with my little bump and all that has come with this season of life.  Watching my body change on a daily basis is truly the most amazing experience and I’m so thankful.  Not putting one ounce of pressure on myself, BUT – mama’s getting back in those Levi’s soon because I love them so much, don’t you worry!

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.


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I loved your suggestions! I got the halter top and white pants combo, and the blazer! I love revolve because I can still buy in the U.K.


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