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When we initially moved into The Lovely Cottage we knew we had a lot of one thing – windows.  Each time our contractor came back with plans, we added windows.  Nothing makes me happier than natural light pouring into every room and opening the windows on a beautiful day or to listen to the rain.  (Which is what I’m doing currently!)  However, tons of windows mean one thing – drapes are a must!  While working with Q Designs over the last couple of months, the biggest thing I’ve learned is how much of an impact custom curtains make in a room.  The drapes we had before were nice, but they didn’t have a pretty pleat at the top and puddled too much on the floor because they we’re made to fit our room.  The minute we hung our curtains from Q Design, it was like the entire space just instantly came together.  Every detail suddenly felt and looked more luxe – the quality was on point, the color was neutral and the hem just barely grazed the hardwoods.  As you can see here, we have 10 drapes in our bedroom and 2 in the hallway leading to this space (also pictured), so the statement they make is worth every penny.  The hug the windows perfectly while still allowing light to flow through the room and add a cozy texture we were missing before.

For our exact curtains, we chose the House Linen in Fossil.  The color is a perfect combination of khaki and olive, bringing a neutral, earthy tone into the space that feels soft, yet stands out against our crisp, white walls.  In our hallway leading to the bedroom, we didn’t have drapes at all and it’s amazing how much warmth two simple panels add.  They frame out the space so beautifully!  For our pleats we did the Top Tack and love it.  It’s not quite as formal as the full-on French pleat, but still gives you that custom feel.

Here are some of the benefits of ordering with Q Design, from the owner Lindsay, and their custom process:

– Easy peasy ordering process with super helpful drapery stylists if you need design help for FREE!
– Happy to help walk you through what you need, drapes aren’t scary when we help you through it!
– Easy to fill out measuring forms to ensure you get a perfect fit
– Beautiful finished product, super custom sizing to fit perfectly and we can do complicated arched and extra long windows to!
– All drapes are fully lined in either cotton or blackout lining (no extra charge)
– Pricing in Canadian dollars so great savings for US buyers
– Shipping is always FREE for both Canada and continental US on almost every product we sell
– Free drapery design service via email or in our studio for locals
– Our website makes it very easy to price out what you need
– We have made to order drapery, shades, bench seats, toss pillows and decorative hardware available in our online shop

– All Canadian made to order by our super small but mighty team (there’s only 10 of us!)

And lastly, get 5 FREE samples when you join our email list! (http://bit.ly/Qsubscribe)

For all of our home, we love a mix of old + new and for our bedroom specifically, I feel like we’ve accomplished that.  Between our Maiden Home bed and Q Design curtains, the new mixes so well with the vintage pieces like the rug in front of our fireplace and antique English saddle.  The neutral, earthy palette really came together in such a cozy way and we feel so peaceful in this space.  It’s my favorite place in the world to wake up and there’s nothing better than crawling in your own bed at the end of the day.  Three years later, I think our bedroom is officially complete and we’re so thankful to partners like Q Design for making that possible!

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Debbie Moss

Wanna say something…Loving the custom drapes and the warmth they add to your beautiful bedroom. We are currently living in a log cabin and trying to figure the windows.


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