It’s that time of year again – the holidays are behind us and we’re looking forward to setting intentions for a brand new year.  Even more so, a new decade.  I mentioned in my last post that I felt like I needed the ‘moment’ of actually celebrating the new year to really put 2019 behind us and focus on what’s ahead.  Our new year’s eve was completely different than any other year, but in the best way.  J cooked the most amazing meal for us, we talked about the last 10 years over dinner and toasted to how far we’ve come.  We crawled into be around 10PM, but stayed awake until midnight to ring in the new year in our favorite spot.  It was perfect.

That brings us to 2020!  I’ve taken the last couple of days to really think about what I want my resolutions to be – obtainable, all while pushing me to do more and be better, in different ways.


I’ve always been a morning person.  I’m far from a night owl, so the mornings have always been my favorite time of day.  It’s when I feel most productive and it sort of sets the tone for my entire day.  However, somewhere around September or October, I started slacking and my morning routine became less of a routine and more of a ‘rush around and fit what you can in before you have to leave the house’.  The latter makes me feel rushed and all over the place, which I hate.  Since I set my own schedule from day to day, I need it to feel more like that – a schedule.  I’m better when I have a plan and a list.  I want to wake up a bit earlier, make the coffee and the bed, light a candle + open the windows throughout the house, water my plants when needed, and get dressed and ready for the day, all before 9AM.  Just those few things alone will make me feel so much more prepared for the day and force me to not live in sweats + work from bed.  It’s a must and it’s happening this year!


Over the last couple of years, I’ve really honed-in on my style + what fills my closet.  I’m a little less statement pieces and a little more vintage Levi’s and a good, white tee.  As great as that is, it’s caused me to feel like it’s somewhat boring and stop shooting as much style content for the blog + social media.  Even if it’s a basic look, I want to get back to sharing more of what I’m actually wearing, and more importantly, why I’m wearing it.  (You know I love the why behind everything.)  Waking up earlier and actually getting dressed each day should help me with this one – hoping they go hand in hand.  Neutral, classic, feminine closet staples – like always, but getting back to sharing more of it.


Since I work from home, it’s typically a one-woman show around here.  Because of that, I always look forward to J walking through the door, meeting my girlfriends for lunch or happy hour, or whatever our dinner plans are that night.  I always love that time so much, but I think I rely too much on others to spark that joy in me at the end of the day.  By 30, I know exactly what fulfills my soul in this season of life and I just need to do it.  It’s taking a quick road trip to get out of town, working in the yard and planting new flowers, taking a walk through the neighborhood with the pups, etc.  Instead of waiting for a friend to hop in the car with me or for J to come home from work so we can start planting, I just need to do it.  I need time by myself to recharge, but sometimes I allow the fact that I have so much time alone to hold me back.  I’m ready to be more independent and do what fills my cup, for me.


It’s no secret that J and I love a good home project and we’re both itching for a new one this year!  We thought we would probably build a garage, with a guest house on top, about a year after moving in.  Well, here we are 3 years later and we haven’t even started the plans!  We just had so many other renovations to work on, inside and out, that we just haven’t gotten there yet time wise or financially.  In 2020, I feel like we’re in a good place – we’ve done so much in the yard (although I don’t think we’ll ever truly be ‘done’ there because we love it so much) + finally have irrigation and we’ve invested in a few ‘forever pieces’ throughout our home that we saved for for quite sometime.  It’s really taken the entire 3 years we’ve lived here to know exactly what we want, cross a few small projects off of our list, and get to the point where we can think about what’s next.  I doubt this will be the year we actually break ground on a garage, but I would love to at least start the process of drawing the plans for it.  I never thought my dream would be to build a garage and a pool, but here we are 2020!


It’s no secret that I’m a major planner.  I just planned to have a better morning routine, how I’m going to be more independent, and make plans for another house project.  There’s nothing I love more than a calendar full of date nights, dinners with friends, and even planning out meals for the week to cook in.  It’s far from busyness, it’s all things we love doing.  I slowed down on it all a little in 2019, but in 2020, I want to slow down even more.  I still want all of those things we love doing to happen, but I want to just let them happen, rather than plan them two weeks in advance.  I want J to come home from work and for us to decide to dress up and go out to eat, rather than cooking in.  I want to be able to say yes when friends or family call, rather than already having a plan for what we’re doing that day.  I want to decide on a whim to take off on a road trip for a couple of days and just pack a bag.  Even the thought of being spontaneous gives me a little anxiety, because the list-maker in me starts to panic, but I want to be more easy-going.  For myself and for J – just let life come as it comes.

Five resolutions, 12 months, 365 days.  Totally doable, I just have to be intentional about all of them.  I’ve read that it only takes 3 weeks to feel comfortable in a new routine, although I think I’m more of a 5-weeker, but here’s to sticking with it, holding each other accountable, and making a few changes in the new year!

Thanks so much for stopping by, we love you all!




These are great resolutions, Meg! I truly do feel like you’re living your best every day life. I used to be very spontaneous and now, I get a bit panicked when my brother says, “Lunch date tomorrow?” I’m going to try and let go a bit more in 2020. I look forward to the new year with you! xo

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