If you’re local to Greenville or even nearby, take it from me, you need to be going to The Beautiful Co. Salon.  From cuts + color and extensions to facial waxing and spray tans, it’s more than just a salon.  Every single time I have an appointment, it just makes my entire day.  From the minute you walk through the door, the smell that fills the air instantly relaxes you and you’re greeted with a drink menu that’s like no other.  From chai lattes to matcha tea, the staff at The Beautiful Co. shows up each day ready to serve their clients like no other salon I’ve ever been to.  Not even just salon, like no other business in general.  Whatever your appointment is for, it’s an experience from start to finish.  I’ve never felt so loved simply by having someone wash my hair or give me a blowout.  Just trust me on this one, if you’re local, just get there.  It’s soul-healing.

I could go on and on forever about The Beautiful Co., but the main reason for today’s post is to share my new Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions with you!  You probably haven’t even been able to tell, but I’ve had these extensions for about a month and they are SO good.  That’s one of my favorite things about them!  I didn’t want extensions for length, just for thickness, and the best part about the Keratin Fusion Extensions is that you can choose your color + exactly how many strands you want.  I had 40 strands added to my hair and each strand has about 350-375 individual hairs.  Strands are grouped in packs of 10 and each pack starts at $125.  (The price includes the hair and installation.)  The Keratin Fusion Extensions last for about 3 months before needing to be taken out or replaced.  The thickness they add to my hair is so helpful from every day curls and when throwing it back into an updo for the holidays.  They don’t damage your hair at all and the process to put them in and take them out only takes about 45 minutes each visit, depending on how many strands you end up adding to your hair.  The Beautiful Co. also does Hand-Tied Extensions if you’re looking to keep the hair in for longer and you can learn more about those HERE.

For a list of FAQ’s specially about the Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions at The Beautiful Co. Salon and my before + after photos, click HERE.  Your consultation is free!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!  We’re staying home this weekend and I’m so excited about it.  Crossing a few things off of our to-do list, plus cooking in and a little r + r.  Cheers, friends!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by.  X.


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