These days, a little cozy something for the home makes my entire day.  From bathroom soap to a new mug to sip my morning coffee out of, it’s the little things that mean the most – especially when they’re gifted from someone you love.  For the person in your life that loves little luxuries for their home, here are a few ideas on how to cozy up their space with gifts that are sure to be a hit.

THROW // Once again, posting about my favorite throw EVER.  This alpaca throw is the softest and coziest throw I’ve ever owned.  Every time we have guests over, I offer them this blanket to get comfortable with on the couch and they LOVE it.  It’s a bit of an investment, but the older I get, I’d rather give (and receive) fewer, better gifts.

INSTAX CAMERA // Is there anything better than an instant polaroid photo?  Not only do I love the vintage vibes it puts off, but the updated models are so chic + easy to use.  I just purchased this one to take with us on trips + for moments throughout the holidays and I’m already loving the instant gratification!  This one is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

CANDLE // Whether it’s a stocking stuffer or you need that little something else to add to your main present, this candle is perfect.  The Santal scent is always a winner and keeps your home warm + smelling amazing.  Not to mention, I feel like most people gift holiday candles, but you don’t really want to use them after Christmas.  This one will take you right into the new year!

COFFEE TABLE BOOK // I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – there’s nothing like a good coffee table book.  If you ask me what the one thing is I consistently spend money on that’s not a necessity, I would say coffee table books.  I just love them so much!  And I keep finding these amazing ones that speak to my soul!  This one is so good – neutral and all-American.

FRESH WREATH // Something I love to take as a hostess gift or give anytime around the holidays – a fresh wreath.  Just order a few suction cup hooks off of Amazon to gift with the wreath and the recipient can easily place it on an interior window, mirror, or wherever!  It instantly brings life into a space and this olive one will last them into the new year without feeling like it’s “too holiday”.  They can even choose to dry it out if they want!

LUXE HANDSOAP // You all know the Blackberry & Bay is my JAM, but Jo Malone just launched a few new scents and this one is to die for.  To me, a good hand soap is as good as a candle – it will last for a long time and makes you feel luxurious while using it.  The Jo Malone scents always last SO long on my hands – worth every penny!

COZY COFFEE CUP // I love, love, love a good coffee cup.  It’s one of the few things that I don’t mind being a little eclectic in our home.  John and I love Ralph’s Coffee in New York and try to go every time we visit the city.  These Ralph Lauren collector cups are such a fun way to incorporate a little vintage, New York feel into your morning routine!

TEA KETTLE // Who doesn’t love a little hot tea or lemon water at the end of the day this time of year?  This tea kettle is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s functional too.  The water comes to a boil within seconds and is sure to cozy up their kitchen even when not in use.  I’ve heard such great things about this brand and can’t wait to try myself!  (AKA, J – order me this for Christmas!)

I hope you all had a beautiful, long Thanksgiving weekend with your family + friends.  We sure did!  We officially finished decorating @thelovelycottage and we’re shooting it later this week!  We’ll be sharing them over on the cottage’s instagram page, so be sure to follow along and stay tuned!



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