You all know how much J RUN loves a good cleaning product.  Cleaning day.  Cleaning schedule.  Cleaning EVERYTHING.  Most days he’s out of control, but usually I get roped into helping, so I like to hand-pick the products we’re using throughout of home.  We were introduced to The Laundress about  a year ago after the brand gifted us a box of their best-sellers and we’ve been in love ever since.  The best part about the brand – they have products for every room + need in your home.  They’re known primary for their eco-friendly detergent line (and amazing collaborations like Le Labo) and fabric care, but they also have home cleaning products that are SO good.

The brand was creating by two boss babes, Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd.  The two met in collage, went on to work in product development and retail, and ultimately decided to merge their passion and their knowledge together and build The Laundress.  The brand launched in 2004 and the result: a highly effective, non-toxic line of laundry and home products.  The Laundress is sold online, in stores all over the world, and in their Soho retail shop at 199 Prince Street.  Both women believe in their products so much that they wash their most treasured items from their closets at home.  When asked what those items are, here’s what they said:

If it’s good enough for vintage Ralph Lauren scarves and Chanel jackets, it’s good enough for me!  Gwen + Lindsey informed me that 90% off all “dry clean only” items are actually safe for machine or hand washing at home.  Home care is actually better for the life of your clothes and the environment.  The Laundress makes that super easy with specific detergents like their Delicate Wash, Wool + Cashmere Wash, Denim Wash, and more.

Here are a few of our favorite Laundress products that we use throughout our home:


Le Labo Signature Detergent – smells AMAZING.

Wool + Cashmere Shampoo – for what you would typically dry-clean, but no longer have to.

All Purpose Bleach Alternative – without the harmful chemicals.

Fabric Fresh Linen Spray – ideal for fresh linens.

Sweater Comb – so perfect for this time of year.

Stain Brush – J RUN goes to town with this thing…typically because I’m messy.

Wash Tub Basin – hand washing necessity.

Home Cleaning:

Surface Cleaner – works on literally anything.

Dish Detergent – smells so good and disinfects like s charm.

Glass & Mirror Cleaner – no steaks left behind.

Après Laundry Cream – not a necessity, but feels so luxurious.

Horse Hair Broom – replace your old broom with this stunner.

Dish Brush – must-have, might as well be cute.

Linen Knit Dish Cloth – no bacteria build up and dries quickly.

Lint Free Cleaning Cloths – less waste, wash and reuse.

Pet & Lint Brush – we live with a horse and this is a necessity.

Whether you decide to go eco-friendly in your own home or give it as a practical gift to a loved one his holiday season, you can’t go wrong with The Laundress!  For a limited time – get 25% OFF your order with code SAVEBIG!

Stay tuned for a fun giveaway I’ll be hosting with The Laundress on December 1st – you won’t want to miss it!

Thanks so much for stopping by, XX.



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