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It’s officially that time of year where we can finally pull out the cozy blankets, cashmere cardigans, and light a fire!  The mornings here have been so chilly and it’s my favorite time of day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good evening at home, too, but there’s just something about the mornings that really start my day off on the right foot.  It’s still a little dark out, everything inside and out is so quiet, and you can ease into your routine.  I always wake up, love on our pups for a minute, throw on my cashmere cardigan, and grab a cup of coffee.  After caffeine is in hand, I love to walk around the house, turn on lamps, light a candle, and if the weather is right – open as many windows as possible and light a fire.  J and I both love the chilly breeze through the house, but with the warmth of the fireplace.  (Our dogs love it, too.  They live in front of the fireplace in our bedroom – they’re not spoiled at ALL.)  Anyway, I thought I would quickly share a few of my favorite things for cozying up your home for chilly weather!

ONE – This time of year, ALL I want is soup.  I could eat it all day, everyday.  A good stock pot is a necessity and this copper one is pretty enough to leave out on the stove all the time!  Mauviel is one of our favorite brands (French, obviously) and what all of our copper pots are.  They’re stunning and have aged beautifully.

TWO – Room Spray in my favorite scent, BAIES.  Definitely a splurge item, but so worth it + lasts forever!  I have one in our bedroom, where the pups typically live, and in our living room.  Not only is it pretty to leave out, but it’s perfect to spritz around the house a couple of times before friends come over!

THREE – My new favorite candle!  One of my sweet friends got me this scent, Napa, for my birthday the year and I’ve stocked up on them ever since.  It’s so warm, but also clean and isn’t too strong.  I’m so particular when it comes to candles and this scent SO good.

FOUR – A cashmere cardigan.  Need I say more?  If I had to live in one fabric, it would without a doubt be cashmere.  Again, one of the first things I do each morning is throw on my cashmere cardigan.  It just feels like home to me.  Even when I travel, I usually take my cardigan and my slippers to keep my routine + stay cozy.  One of those pieces you can wear forever (because you’re not wearing it out to mess it up) and worth the money.  The one I throw on each morning is 4+ years old and I love it!

FIVE – Flatware.  This is the set I’m dying for!  I haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet, but flatware is one of those things that I would love to update after 10 years.  Plus, the teak is so warm + cozy and would look perfect against our marble dining room table!  Another French brand for the kitchen that we absolutely love!

SIX – My slippers.  I usually get a new pair each year (mostly because I go outside in mine) and I’m not really married to one certain pair, but these are really cozy.  I bought this specific pair to KEEP me from going outside (or in the chicken coop) in them because they don’t have a real bottom and so far I’ve kept them pretty clean.  They’re also really easy to throw in the wash, which I appreciate!

SEVEN – An alpaca throw is probably the coziest throw on the planet.  I have two of these from Serena & Lily and they are SO soft + warm.  I have the oatmeal and the charcoal, but honestly, I want them all.  One for each room!  A new throw is another thing I like to add to our home each Fall/Winter – after a few years, you’ll have quite the collection of cozy throws to reach for for yourself and guests!

EIGHT – Coffee table books just speak to my soul.  They’re the perfect gifts, so cozy to have lying around anywhere at home, and a great source of inspiration to flip through the pages.  I just purchased this one and it’s SO good.  I’m currently trying to find a way/space where we can add bookshelves in @thelovelycottage!

NINE + TEN – I think vases are something that often get overlooked.  Most people grab your standard clear, glass vase to throw fresh cut flowers in, but it’s amazing how much of a difference a good vase can make – for your space and your flowers!  I love these two from McGee and Co.  They’re moody, but classic and I want them both for Fall!

ELEVEN – Less about the actual plant (although, you know I love an olive) and more about bringing the outdoors in.  Whether it’s a branch from a tree that’s changing colors or a plant you have to bring in for colder weather, adding greenery inside is so cozy.  Stack a few books on a bench and place a terra-cotta potted plant on top or source a pretty, vintage plant stand and add your olive or fiddle-fig to an empty corner.  We have fresh cut flowers and plants inside at all times – it brings our home to life and brings me joy!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!  It’s supposed to be a bit chilly here with rain on and off, so I’m sure I’ll have soup in hand and cozied up all weekend long!  Thanks so much for stopping by, XX.


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