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Climbing Confederate Jasmine

In our opinion, there’s nothing cozier than everything being taken over my beautiful greens.  Blooming or not, greenery makes a yard feel warm + inviting.  Everything from our chimney and fence to our chicken coop and corners of our home are covered in things that will climb.  Although you need to take your zone + sun pattern into consideration, here are a few of our favorite climbing vines that will take over your yard in no time!

NO. 1 / Confederate Jasmine – this is what’s pictured above.  We planted 14 one-gallon pots of confederate jasmine all along our privacy fence about a year ago and they have grown like crazy!  They don’t need a ton of attention and bloom in both Spring + Fall.  Even after one year, the vines are already latching onto the fence and starting to grow together.  The stems grow daily and only go dormant when the vine is blooming or during really cold months.  J and I both agree that within 3-4 more seasons, our entire fence will be covered in lush greens and beautiful white blooms!  We also potted a small vine on the corner of our house (in the backyard) and it’s grown a ton, too.  It’s started to crawl up the house and looks so cozy!  This specific spot doesn’t get quite as much sun as the fence, but it still has new growth on it every week.  You can’t go wrong with this one – it’s truly stunning.

NO. 2 / Creeping Fig – another vine that loves the sun and will fully take over your space in no time.  We’ve planted this vine on our chimney, beside our stairs on the front porch, and throughout our patio in the backyard.  It latches onto anything that has texture – brick, concrete, wood, etc and is perfect for covering up anything that may be an eye sore.  We planted 4-6 very small pots and in the last year, it’s already grown to cover 1/4 of our chimney!  It’s fast-growing and so pretty once it multiples.

NO. 3 / Climbing New Dawn Roses – our newest addition to the backyard and we’re absolutely obsessed.  Along another (front facing) side of our fence, we planted 6 climbing roses.  We’ve never planted root balls before, but quickly learned that finding a specific rose is hard and often times, a root ball is the easiest option to order.  We planted ours in May and after only a few weeks, they were sprouting and taking off like crazy!  We pinned a few of the larger stalks to the fence, horizontally, which is supposed to be the best thing for more shoots to grow and they’re beautiful.  They’ve already bloomed multiple times and will continue into Fall.  The roses will need to be trimmed back for colder weather, but should have a well-developed root system by next Spring for them to come back hardy + healthy!

NO. 4 / Camellia – my favorite flower of all time.  Technically, camellia’s are not climbing vines, but most people don’t know that you can train them to do just about whatever you want.  Camellia’s are easy to trim and can be pinned to just about anything to grow in the shape or pattern you prefer.  In Charleston, they’re all over the place and cover everything from crawl spaces to lack-luster walls.  Not only do they have a beautiful bloom in both the Spring and the Fall, but the greenery stays all year.  (Aka, the leaves don’t fall off in the Winter)  Other than pruning and shaping to your preference, they are pretty much maintenance free and so beautiful.

All four of these can instantly change your space and just get better and better with time.  I struggle with always wanting things to speed-up and grow faster, but watching the process and your hard work pay off is such a fulfilling thing.  It brings me so much joy!

I hope you’re all having a beautiful week – thanks so much for stopping by!  X.


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