A little over 5 years ago when McKenna and I first met, it was love at first sight.  True to our personalities, I was 10 minutes early and she was 10 minutes late – and slightly hungover.  (I had a feeling we would get along just fine.)  We sat and talked for hours getting to know each other over coffee + crêpes.  We were both just getting our feet wet in the ‘blogging world’ and although we were slightly (and by slightly I mean majorly) different on most things, we instantly knew we had the same soul.  

We ended up spending the rest of that day together and soon, text messages turned into hour long phone calls to catch up, and those phone calls turned into planning trip after trip to see each other.  We quickly started living in each other’s guests rooms and made a pact that we would never leave each other without booking a flight for the next time.  

Over the course of five years, we’ve driven and flown countless miles to be together.  Our families have become each other’s family, we’ve traveled all over the world together just to find out there’s no place we’d rather be than the Carolinas, geeked out any and every time we’ve met a celebrity because we don’t know how to play it cool, celebrated July 4th in The White House, decorated each and every home together with cab in hand – in person and on FaceTime, sang our little hearts out at concert after concert, got on E! News together during NYFW (until we realized we were way more about that sweatpants + pizza delivery life than we ever were fashion week), found a way to be present for every birthday, gotten lost and found ourselves in questionable situations…almost everywhere, bought our first designer bags together (after I talked her into it), chased sunsets hand-in-hand on every coast possible, shared a love for music that has gotten us through every season in life, and so much more.  

I think the goal in life is to have a best friend that will be there for the the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.  We’ve celebrated each other’s highs and cried together during the lows.  We’ve lived our best lives together and ran to each other on the days that we couldn’t function.  We always put each other + our time together first, and although the world of social media brought us together, we never get caught up in it.  Throughout this crazy whirlwind of building our brands together, you have always been a constant, M.  I’m so grateful for every pinch-me moment and amazing experience, but YOU are by far the best thing that has ever come out of this world for me.  

I read a quote the other day that said “a soulmate is someone who allows you to be your true self. Someone who loves you with so much conviction and so much heart, that it is nearly impossible to be anything but.”  From day one, we knew we had the same insides.  Our hearts break for the same things and we love so hard.  You are my soulmate – beautiful inside + out, fiercely loyal, unbelievably strong, and beyond hilarious.  I’m so thankful for our friendship and I was SO proud to stand beside you this weekend as you enter a new chapter in life.  J and I love you so much!  Cheers to the past that has gotten us to this very moment and even more so, cheers to what’s to come! 

Meg Run


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