It’s officially that time of year again where our make up routines start to lessen, our hair air dries in the sun on the weekends, and all we want is beautiful, glowing skin.  After a day full of vitamin D, I’m all about quenching my skin + hair with masks + oils, and taking my beauty routine down to a few must-have products.  It’s no secret that I’m more of a skincare girl than a beauty girl, and summertime is the perfect time of year to show that off.  Here are a few favorites that I’ll always stock my summer beauty bag with:
This mask is a game changer.  It’s a bit on the pricier side, I’ll admit, but it only takes a dime-size drop to mask your hair so it lasts for a really long time.  This product is packed full of everything your hair needs to be quenched – honey, almond oil, and coconut oil.  I like to put this on the ends my clean, damp hair prior to drying/styling, or all over my clean, damp hair after a day in the sun and let it air dry.  (Usually before bed and then wake up and re-wash in the morning to avoid too much oil.)  Sleeping in this hair oil a couple of times a month has been a game changer and makes my hair so sleek + smooth – perfect for repairing sun and salt damage during the summer!
Not only do I live by this right after washing my hair, I also keep this in my beach/pool bag.  Since our hair is wet a lot more often this time of year, combing with a wide-tooth combs helps prevent breakage.  I typically throw my wet hair up in a top knot when I get out of the water (with a clip), hut combing it first helps tremendously when it comes time to take it down.
Typically when I’m out in the sun at the pool or the beach, I don’t have make up on.  I like to be comply au-naturale when really having a relaxing day by the water.  However, I don’t like to get sun on my face and always wear my favorite SPF, leaving my face a lot whiter than the rest of my body.  These tan drops are the only thing that has worked for me and doesn’t leave my face orange or with build-up.  I simply drop two small drops into my hand every other night and mix with my moisturizer before applying.  (Wash hands after)  Again, a bit expensive, but will last you a long time and allows your face to glow with the rest of your tan, without being harmful to your skin.
I’ve been a fan of Summer Fridays since they first came out with their Jet Lag Mask (which I also use constantly and love) and love that the creators believe in clean beauty.  This mask specifically is perfect for me because it’s an exfoliant that removes dead skin cells, but leaves you with an oily, beautiful finish rather than dry and irritated.  It also has Vitamin C, so it leaves your skin brighter and replenished.  I use this once a week, usually on Sunday nights before starting the week.  (Sidenote – this is also the perfect gift!  I give it all the time and it’s always a hit.)
Let me start by saying, I love a perfume oil so much.  It’s so much easier and more effective, in my opinion, than a spray on perfume.  One of my best friends, Megan, introduced me to this perfume about a year ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.  This perfume combines sandalwood + cedar wood with a hint of spicy, cinnamon nutmeg.  (For those of you who know my cinnamon obsession, you get it.)  I wear it daily, applying it to my wrists, neckline, and behind my ears.  It has lasted me forever – I’m still on my first bottle!  Almost every single day, someone asks me what scent I’m wearing or comments on how lovely this scent is.  It’s easy to throw in your bag for the day or travel with – trust me, you’ll be obsessed.

Other than a little Complexion Rescue, this is all I wear in the summertime.  I lightly mix the three shades of bronzer together on my brush and apply to my check bones, jaw line, and hair line, followed by the Moonstone highlighter (upper right hand corner) in those same areas.  I’m constantly told that I look tan or that I’m glowing and I owe it all to this little kit.  It’s by far the best bronzer I’ve ever used and a one-stop shop for a neutral glow.  
I promise you, never will I ever use another blush.  Until they discontinue this one and then I’ll buy every one I possibly can.  It is the BEST color all year, but especially looks good in the summer with a good tan.  And it lasts forever – I only purchase two a year!  I apply this on my cheek bones, after the glow kit above, and it’s beautiful.  Just a hint of a little golden sun, just as the name portrays.
When I’m going for a super natural, glowing look, I always love a sheer, but pretty lip to go along with it.  I used to be obsessed with this YSL shade called ‘Sheer Candy Coconut’, but it was discontinued and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.  This Tom Ford shade, in ‘Bare’, is the closet thing I’ve found to it and I love throwing it on with my swimsuit or active wear, just to give my lips a little something.  However, unlike my other must-haves above, this product doesn’t have to be this exact brand or shade.  While this is a great one, I’m still on the hunt for a similar option and will keep you posted when I find one! 
Like my closet and home, my beauty bag is pretty minimal and I love that.  I can’t imagine having an hour + beauty routine each day, especially in the summertime, and love the products I’ve found that get the job done efficiently + beautifully.  Are there any products you swear by for summer?  Let me know below!
{Cosmetic bag is HERE}
I hope you have a beautiful weekend, friends – thanks so much for stopping by!
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Thank you so much for sharing! I also love paring down on my beauty routine in the summer to soak in every last minute of sunshine, so I really love your minimalist take on your routine. Can I ask for the Tan-Luxe Drops, are you light/medium or medium/dark?


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