There’s nothing cozier than illuminating a corner with a pretty floor lamp.  Each morning when we wake up, I like to turn on a few ‘staple’ lamps around the house and light a candle.  The ambiance completely sets the mood for my entire day and makes the house feel so cozy.  In turn, I love to turn them all off at night.  I know that sounds odd, but after cleaning up the kitchen and picking up the house from the day, walking around and turning off all the lamps just ends the day perfectly.
I’m sure you know this about us by now, but we love our record player.  This corner nook specifically is in our entry way, so it’s the perfect way to welcome company.  All of our every day favorites from Kacey Musgraves + Marren Morris to Frank Sinatra + Norah Jones around the holidays, it’s the best way to add a little background music.
3. // BOOKS
One of my favorite things in the world to purchase when traveling, receive as a gift, or give as a gift.  Coffee table books are timeless and everyone’s collection is so different.  Ours are a mixture of fashion, French gardens, chickens, and interiors – I love them all.  I usually keep one or two on my nightstand and flip through them each morning.  They’re so inspiring!  Wherever you keep your books, there’s something about them that’s just so inviting.  A couple of weeks ago, I had the ‘grand idea’ (what J likes to call my ideas or plans that always end up costing more money than expected, haha) to build custom, built-in bookshelves in one of our rooms and I hope we make that idea come to life!  I’m all about it.
4. // ART
Having art that is meaningful is a bit new to us.  Throughout our 20’s, we had so many other things we were pouring into around both of our homes that we didn’t really have time to focus on what went on the walls.  We did a lot of prints from places like Minted or Etsy and where as those are amazing, we’re excited to grow our art collection throughout our 30’s.  We recently added this piece to our living room, by our beautiful friend Emily Pope Harris, and it’s such a game changer in our space.  Our second piece – this stunning, black + white horse by Chris Coleman Art.  (He will have more horses on his site, available for purchase, soon!)  I saw a piece of his in a store in Charleston a few months ago and couldn’t get my mind off of it.  I reached out to him about creating a custom piece for us and we couldn’t love it more.  It’s now the first thing you see when you walk in our front door and I love that.  Art is such a personal thing and adds such warmth to your space.  It also says 1/1 at the bottom, which I love.  So uniquely ours and that makes it even more special.  I already have my eye on a couple other artists that I’m hoping to add to our collection soon!
Even after adding texture, light, and art – flowers or greenery instantly bring a corner to life.  It can be something as simple as a few sprigs out of your yard and it totally changes the space.  There’s nothing better than having a yard you can clip from.  After spending hours working in the garden, planting and watering each day, clipping flowers and greens to enjoy inside is just the best.  We love understated, in a vintage vase (this is a vintage copper pot) and nestled in-between books.
I hope you had a beautiful weekend celebrating the men in your life!  We were surrounded by family almost all weekend and it was so sweet.  I’m taking off to Charleston again tomorrow for a little girls trip with my mom and I’m excited for a few relaxing days by the water.  My mom and I are the same person – all we want is beach time!
Thanks so much for stopping by, X.
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