When it comes to what fills the walls in our home, I’m so selective.  Since we stare at it all day long, I always want it to be something that really speaks to our souls.  Something sentimental, a photo from a place we’ve traveled to, or in this case – our very first piece of art.  I’ve always loved and appreciated art, but never quite knew where to start.  I sort of associated it with an older generation and that we would eventually get there one day.
Then I received an email one day, asking if I would like to work together with an artist out of Atlanta who is inspired by old architecture from Charleston, Emily Pope Harris.  I immediately looked at her website + instagram and felt like it couldn’t be a more perfect fit.  The technique behind her art is so unique and I love that no two pieces are alike.  Her connection to her pieces and the heart she pours into each one really comes through in her art like nothing I’ve ever seen.
First things first, J and I started thinking about what we wanted our piece to mimic.  When J and I first started dating, we constantly took day trips to Charleston.  We joked that it was our ‘love place’ and everyone was confused by the fact that we would simply go for the day and come back, but just getting out of town – breathing in the salty air and walking down those quiet side streets behind the battery just did something for our souls.  Ten years later and we still do the exact same thing and love it just as much.  (Although now we stay a bit longer than a day!)  Charleston has always felt like our home away from home, so incorporating it into art for our home just felt like such a natural fit.  We decided on one specific wall we love at our favorite little bed & breakfast, Zero George.  From the moment you walk through the gates onto the property, you’re surrounded by so much history and beauty in any direction you look.  One wall specifically, has always spoken to us.  
It’s old.  It’s probably been painted over numerous times.  It’s chipped and cracked.  It even has moss growing all over it.  But to us, it’s perfect.  
It wasn’t hard to decide that all of those things were exactly what we wanted in our piece. 
As I started talking to Emily about what the process of a custom piece looks like, I asked her to write what it means to her specifically.  To me: she meets strangers, connects with them about what they want in their homes, dreams something up, and creates magic.  And that is such a powerful talent.  Here’s what Emily has to say:
“Purchasing art feels intimidating for many because it is an investment, but it’s probably one of the best investments you can make! Art is personal and tells a story, so finding artists you love and connect with is the first place to start. No matter your style (or even if you don’t really know your style), I encourage people to start following artists that catch their eye. Thanks to social media, it’s even easier these days to discover and follow artists. Get a feel for their work, see what interests you and take note of what you can envision in your own home. Once you’ve established an artist you love, there are typically two ways to go about purchasing a piece. The first is purchasing from a collection the artist has available. This is a great way to dip your toe into purchasing art and building out a theme in your home. The second way is to purchase art via a commission process. Many artists, like myself, offer custom commissions as an option. This means that a piece is being 100% created for you. I encourage people to explore this option if there’s a specific size they’re looking for or if they know something totally unique is for them. It’s important to remember that a custom commission does not mean an artist is straying from their original style to create a piece that is different from their usual work. The style of the art will be the same, but through the commission you have the ability to provide inspiration images / Pinterest boards, thoughts on color combinations, etc. Of course this all varies based on the artist you’re working with, but a commissioned piece is often more personal. The art in your home should bring you joy and speak to your soul. It shouldn’t be purchased because it’s “popular” or “mainstream,” but instead because it tells a story to you, reminds you of days past or inspires you for the future. Have fun with it!”

Whether it’s big or small, having art in your home that you feel a genuine connection to is such a special thing and I can’t speak highly enough of Emily and how amazing she made this entire process for us.  Almost ten years later, we finally feel like grown-ups, ha!  We loved creating this piece with you and will cherish it for years to come.

If you are in the market for a piece of art for your space, from a collection or custom, I’ll list Emily’s website + instagram here for you!

{My outfit HERE.}

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.

This post is sponsored by LBH & Co.+ Emily Pope Harris for The Lovely Cottage, however, all opinions are my own.  We’re so grateful for our partnership!


Susan Hill

So lovely! I absolutely love the wine glass in your post. It is so perfect. I have been looking in your interiors section, but I don't think it's linked. Do you mind sharing where you purchased it?


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