If you’re anything like me, you can always appreciate a classic.  Yes, some of these brands are definitely going to be splurge-worthy pieces that we save up for for months, but not all of them.  In fact, two of the brands that fill my closet the most are Levi’s and Calvin Klein.  As most of you know, I’m a major RE/DONE fan.  They take vintage brands such as Levi’s and Hanes and remake them for an up-to-date fit.  Whether you’re shopping the vintage pieces or simply new Levi denim, you’re bound to hold onto them for years to come.  It might even be one of the most common things between generations – a good, classic pair of Levi’s.  When it comes to underwear, there’s nothing better than CK, in my opinion.  My daily underwear, the briefs I sleep in, and the barlette’s I wear constantly are all CK.  I also have a couple pairs of leggings, sweatshirts, tees, etc. – you literally can’t go wrong.  They’re so easy + so comfortable.  
Moving on to the designer brands.  When I first started investing in designer pieces, I started small with brands that were great, but not nearly top of the line like Chanel + Gucci.  I simply couldn’t afford it right then, so I spent what money I did have on other brands that I was selling for.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re still amazing designers, but I grew out of them and for the most part, don’t even have them any more.  Looking back, I wish I would’ve just saved that money + held on a little longer for something classic.  Even if it takes weeks, months, or years – pieces like a Chanel handbag or a pair of Gucci loafers are totally worth the wait. 
Last, but definitely not least, Burberry.  In my opinion, Burberry isn’t for everyone.  Sometimes I think it gravitates towards a certain demographic or age, however, there are certain pieces that you just simply need in your closet.  Without a doubt – the classic trench and cashmere scarf are a great place to start.  One of the pieces I saved for and purchased years ago was the classic plaid scarf and I’ll never not be obsessed with it.  It’s something you will literally wear every single season and I will still have that thing on when I’m ninety, Lord willing.  It doesn’t get much more classic than that!  As for the trench – it’s just so, so chic.  As most of you know, I throw on a pair of denim + a white tee most days, BUT, in the Fall – you throw a Burberry trench on with that and you’ve just made magic.  It’s so effortless and literally the perfect closet staple!  (I have the Kensington, but they’re all amazing!)
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I’ll never purchase Burberry after learning the company burns $37 million of unsold inventory each year just to keep the price inflated.

Huong Vo

Girl, I feel you. After watching some people online buy constantly, I've decided to take the investment route and wait and save for the things I need/want most. I'm all about quality over quantity. The idea of buying fast fashion (F21, H&M, etc.) hurts me because I just think about how it all goes to the landfill and I can't live with that. I'd rather wait for a long time to invest in a staple that I love so I pin the item I want on a secret board. Most of the time, the items I want are still desired after a few years and that's how I know I'll really love it.

Speaking of, I LOVED that white Levi's tee you posted on your Instagram the other day. Definitely going to nab it! xo

She Sweats Diamonds


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