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Today, I wanted to chat about/get your opinion on something that’s been on my mind recently.  As most of you know, I’m a skincare fanatic and have a morning + nighttime routine that I rarely stray from.  I love focusing on the health of my skin, rather than all of the beauty products I could use to cover up the imperfections.  But, aside from just skincare or beauty, when it comes to all the ‘extras’ we as women do to pamper ourselves or make ourselves look better – are they all really worth it?
Off the top of my head:
False Lashes
Spray Tans
there are so many things that easily start to consume our daily lives and routines.
I started thinking about this recently when I got an email from a local salon asking if I would like to collaborate with them on eyelash extensions and share the process with you all.  I’ve never had false lashes and honestly haven’t heard great things about them, but as I started to contemplate my reply, I thought to myself – man, how much is too much?
(Before I go any farther, please know that I have nothing against anyone who has false lashes, this salon, or anything else on this list!  I haven’t gotten there yet, but that’s definitely not the point of the post.  That specific question came to mind because I already do so many of the things on this list – the occasional spray tan, hair color + extensions, nails, and botox every few months.  So, NO judgment here whatsoever!)
The more I thought about all of those things we feel like we have to keep up, that are sometimes rough on our bodies, hair, and wallets, I started thinking how all I want is natural beauty.  
With no make up on – I want my face to be clean + glowing, my lashes to be thick and soft, my brows to be full and wild, my hair to be healthy + shiny.  Who wouldn’t want all of those things?  The same mindset I have with my skincare routine, is the same mindset I want for everything.  I would rather invest my money on taking care of and enhancing my own natural features, rather than something I need to keep up every 4-6 weeks.  
We all have certain maintenance/upkeep things we’ve gotten used to and we’ll continue to do – that’s totally normal.  However, for at least the last month or so and most being longer, I’ve started using a few products that are clean and focus on enhancing naturally, so I thought I’d share them with you!
1. neuBROW
Since the new year, I haven’t waxed, trimmed (or barely even tweezed) my eyebrows.  I got to the point where I felt they were too thin, too perfect, and sometimes even too ‘drawn on’ after makeup.  I stopped caring about perfection so much, started brushing my brows up each night before bed with a small brush like this, and about a month ago, started using newBrow to enhance growth.  I want fuller, thicker brows that are natural and after six months of letting them go wild, I feel like they look so much better!  I’ve only been using the neuBrow for almost a month (they say 6 weeks is when you can really start to tell a difference), but I’m loving it so far!  I can definitely tell it’s made them longer and fuller in only 4 weeks.  Also, I use this product (in brown) to fill them in now, rather than a pencil that looks too perfect.
I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’ve thought about and wanted lip injections for a while now.  BUT, I’m too much of a baby to do it.  I love the look of fuller, pouty lips, and although this product doesn’t necessarily do that, it definitely helps with the overall look of your lips.  Fine lines and dry lips are something I’ve struggled with (especially in the summer) so having a product that smoothes and moisturizes each night while I’m sleeping is so great.  It also gives your lips a really pretty shine, so when I have those ‘no makeup’ makeup days, I’ll put this on throughout the day, too for running errands.  It’s only $20 and I we can tell a major difference! (I get J to use it too, don’t tell him I told you!)
3. neuLASH
I’ve used + talked about this product on here before, but I’m telling you – it works!!  I’ve even gotten my mom and many of my girlfriends addicted to it because the results are so obvious.  I recently ran out of my tube and didn’t replace it until receiving that email about the lash extensions and hopped back on the neuLASH train.  Personally, I would rather have my own eyelashes look long + thick, rather than false lashes.  This product is expensive, but I will tell you that I only have to purchase it twice a year.  I only use the serum on my top eyelid (it made my bottom ones too long and I try to stay away from the spider look) and my mom actually only uses hers every other night to conserve the serum and still sees amazing results.  I’m telling you, it’s worth it!
I initially purchased this product simply because I love the two bloggers who created it, Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores, but it truly is absolutely amazing.  The mask can be worn as a moisturizer or under your makeup as a primer and helps with puffiness, fine lines, and uneven texture.  For me, I like using this product at night before bed.  You don’t even have to wash it off, you just sleep in it.  There’s been so much hype around the product since it’s release a couple of months ago, but my favorite part is that Marianna and Lauren haven’t spent one dollar on marketing.  Beauty influencers, celebs, and … well, me are all just chatting about it because it really is that great.  Also, Sephora just came out with their version of a ‘verification product’ meaning it’s CLEAN beauty and I love that about this specific mask.
Using Hair Oil is somewhat new to me, but over the last 6-8 months I’ve added it into my haircare routine and I’m obsessed.  Initially, I thought that because I don’t wash my hair often and it has enough ‘oil’ of it’s own (dry shampoo day 6, party of ONE) that I didn’t need to use a hair oil.  But, I quickly learned that this product is best used only on your ends to keep them healthy, shiny, and frizz-free.  Especially on the days I do wash my hair, my ends tend to be frizzy and sometimes look damaged.  One dime-sized pump of this magic and that’s all gone.  (Ouai also makes a regular oil that I also have if you don’t love the rose smell, but I do!)  You can also use this product on your skin when you get out of the shower or bath!
Especially this time of year when it’s warm outside – you can usually find me in a swimsuit with no makeup, soaking up my Vitamin D for the day.  (Yes mom, with SPF on.)  I simply want beautiful, healthy, and most of all NATURAL beauty in everything from my complexion, hair + nails, skin, etc and these products are really helping me achieve that!
If there are any products you swear by for achieving a natural look, I’d love to know below!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  X.


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long time reader, first time commenter. i really love this post because i've been on the same train of thought as of late. i spend a grip on "maintenance" and it suddenly dawned on me, whyyyy? i'll always spend $$$ on skincare, but all the extras are just fluff that doesn't impress anyone, and just stresses me out in the end trying to keep up with all. it's time we love what God gave us and work it! i love your "do you" attitude and how your blog really reflects the true you and not the perfect little squares we see on IG everyday.


Yes! I agree! I've had the eyelash extensions. I decided to get them removed because I was tired of needing to get them filled every 2-3 weeks for an hour long appt. They didn't tell me that they cut them off and that I would be left with stubby little lashes! (I thought they'd use an oil remover or something). It was horrible. I guess I could have waited for them to grow out but that would have looked weird too. I also stopped with the nail shellac. I got it removed the other day and my nails are so thin, scratched and ugly so now I have to wait for them to grow out. Lastly, I've let my hair grow out and freed myself of the highlight upkeep! I do miss it, I've been dying my hair since I was 13 but it's also nice to have natural, healthy hair.



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