Hi there, babes – 
I hope you’re all having a great week so far!  Since it’s been a couple of weeks, I wanted to share my current FIVE favorites:
NO. ONE //
Piercings.  Wait, does it sound like I’m 14 again?  Possibly.  However, I have such an obsession with multiple ear piercings right now.  I already have 2 on each ear and I never took the plunge to get the top done when I was younger, but now I’m getting the urge again!  One of my favorites muses – Anine posted hers here and I’m beyond obsessed.  Think I should do it?!  I’m heading to Cali in a few days, so I’m thinking I may do it there!
NO. TWO //
Kombucha.  So for everyone else in the world, this is probably not a new discovery, but I only started drinking kombucha after the new year and I’ve quickly become obsessed.  My favorite so far is the Pink Lady Apple by Health-Ade – it’s SO good.  There’s also a really great brewery in Charlotte called Lenny Boy and they make their own flavors that are amazing.  My favorite is the blueberry and it’s only 15 calories!!  They’re going to start shipping soon so I’ll definitely let you know when it’s available!
Red.  I know what you’re all thinking…come again?  Color?  What’s happening over there in your neutral obsessed brain??  Haha, but really, you know I always gravitate towards blush and leave anything red in the dust, but lately I’ve had such a thing for it.  I red an article the other day that talked about red being so hot for the season because it ‘demands attention’.  Which is actually so true. It’s so eye catching and really gives all of my neutral pieces a fun pop.  So far, I’ve started slow, but I can tell I’m starting to branch out by purchasing thisthis, and these.
Friends.  We all know how obsessed I am with the show – it’s my comfort show of all shows.  I watch multiple episodes every single day, know almost every line, and still follow all of their lives like they are my best friends.  (Because they are, obv.)  BUT, this just in – I found THIS.  And yes, I will be that girl.  UO has so many options for this fan girl and I couldn’t hit ‘check out’ fast enough! 
NO. FIVE // 
The Belt Bag.  I never thought I would be the girl that would love a glorified fanny pack, but I have to admit – I do!  With festival season on the brain, I knew I wanted something that would be easy, carefree, and add a little badass to my otherwise basic looks (because let’s be serious, you know I’m going to be in denim + a white tee the entire time I’m in California while everyone else is in a cute, floral set).  I just purchased this one and I’m super stoked to see what it’s going to look like on.  It should be here tomorrow, so I’ll share my thoughts with you on instagram stories!  What do you guys think – are you into the trend or no?!
Thanks so much for stopping by, X.


Brittany Galley

First off you can totally rock red! I’ve been gravitating towards yellows and reds myself! Also, friends is life and I too watch it hahah so, I understand and don’t judge the obsession!

Loved this post and can’t wait to see Coachella pics!

Danielle Beneski

Love that you're bringing red into your life! I can't wait until you venture into red lips, my recommendation: Fenty lip!! (totally amazing)

Also I've never really watched friends.. it's on my list of shows to watch though! Fingers crossed I love it just as much as everyone else (:



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