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Hi there, lovelies – 
I hope you’re all having a great week so far!  Each and every time I’m in Charleston, I get a TON of requests from you guys on where to go, what to do, where to stay, shop, eat, etc.  So, I’m currently working on a full travel guide post of all of those specific things.  Until then, I wanted to share a few favorites with you!  I’ve been in Charleston since Thursday, spending time with J, who has been here for work the past couple of weeks and we’ve had the best time.  Because we are here so often, we’ve really perfected our ‘love list’, so I thought I would share ten of our favorite things to do in Charleston with you!  
1. Relax by the WATER.  
Wether it be on the shore or on a boat, Charleston beaches are like no other.  Our favorite beach is Sullivan’s Island because it’s so quaint and secluded.  However, if we’re not sitting in our beach chairs on the shore, we’ve chartered a boat.  If you’re looking for something to do for the day, taking a boat out is beyond perfection.  (If you follow along on snapchat, that’s what we did on the 4th!)  I belong by the water, so nothing makes my heart happier than sunshine + the ocean.
2. Do as many things as possible on a ROOFTOP.  
Dine, drink, or go to the pool, but do it all from above!  Charleston has some of the most amazing views of the ‘Holy City’ that you absolutely cannot miss out on.  Some of our favorites are Market Pavilion, Vendue Inn, and Restoration Hotel Pool.  It’s the perfect place to sit back and relax, get the perfect snapshot for your instagram feed (oh wait, maybe that’s just me), and hangout with friends!
3. Take a BIKE TAXI.  
As easy as it is these days to jump in an uber, opt for a bike taxi instead.  The breeze at night feels amazing while riding around and it’s the perfect way to hop from place to place.  You’re going to spend the same amount of money via uber (or probably more in parking), so you might as well see the city by bike taxi!
4. Shop on KING STREET.  
If you know anything about Charleston, you’ve probably heard of King Street.  So many fun, local shops, as well as my personal favorites: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Anthropologie, and Beckett Boutique.  The beautiful scenery around you is enough to make any shopping day absolute perfection.
5. Watch a SUNRISE.  
Most people end up watching way more sunsets in life than they ever do sunrises.  However, some of our favorite moments in Charleston have been waking up early and heading to the beach.  This weekend, we went to Morris Island where there is a beautiful lighthouse and breathtaking views of the sunrise.  And as hard as it is to pull yourself out of bed sometimes, we’ve never once regretted it!
6. Take a morning walk on the BATTERY.  
After the sunrise and before the city gets too busy, head downtown and take a morning walk on the battery.  The breeze of the ocean and walking alongside the mansions are the perfect way to start the day.  
7. Swing on the WATERFRONT PARK.  
Off of East Bay St. is the famous Pineapple Fountain and Waterfront Park.  This is another one of those things you should try to do early or late in the day, when it’s not super crowded.  There are multiple swings on the pier that are so great to relax in and enjoy the view of the boats passing by and the stunning Ravenel Bridge.
8. Take advantage of HAPPY HOUR.  
So many bars + restaurants on Charleston’s main streets (East Bay, Meeting St, and King Street) offer really great happy hours!  Because Charleston is typically super busy at night, it’s nice to enjoy a cocktail + app before the rush and while it’s still light outside!  Some of our favorites are Amen Street, Craftsmen Taphouse, Husk, Cypress, and Halls.
9. Work from the FRONT PORCH.  
If you’re like me, it’s inevitable that you have to work on weekend getaways or while traveling.  In Charleston, most every hotel/bed & breakfast has a front porch.  It’s just what we do in the South – front porch sitting is a way of life!  But if you have to work, you might as well do it from a quaint, relaxing front porch with the sea breeze in the air!
10. Occasionally, ORDER IN.  
As much as we LOVE going out in Charleston, some nights we love staying in just as much.  After a long day on the water, shopping, or just simply in the heat, sometimes it’s nice to stay in and have a date night in the hotel room.  So many great places downtown will deliver food right to your door, or you can always take a rickshaw to pick up your to-go order!
Again, I’ll be sharing a full post with you all soon with many more details, but this is definitely the gist of our favorite things to do!  The good thing is that you can fit ALL of these into one weekend if you need to!  For the most part, all of these things are downtown or close by, so it’s easy to fit in a lot in a short amount of time.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned for more  on Charleston soon!
Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.



I haven't been to charleston in forever but we are going for my best friends bachelorette party in February and I am so excited!

J. Ellarie

Thanks so much for sharing! Charleston is on my list of places to visit! I have been dying to go there! Hopefully soon!


I love Charleston! King Street is great— would recommend The Grocery on nearby Cannon St. for brunch and Glazed Gourmet (doughnuts) or Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream (the brambleberry crisp is the best) if you want something sweet! The City Market is also around there and definitely worth spending some time browsing through.

Caitlin McCrary

Thanks so much for sharing Megan! Charleston is a lovely city and I can't wait to go back and explore your suggestions of what to do there!

xo Caitlin


Hi Megan! What company did you use to charter the boat? My sister lives in Charleston and this sounds like a fun thing to do next time I'm in town from Atlanta.


Great tips. I'm going to Charleston for my first visit at the end of the month and I'll be sure to add some of these activities to our running list (bachelorette party!)


Just found your blog through Bloglovin and it is truly gorgeous! Breathtaking blog and photography! 🙂
I'm from the UK, but I've visited Charleston once before on a brief visit to the county and a couple of others, but it was fair few moons ago, so this was a lovely read and I look forward to a travel guide also. 🙂


Katie M

I love Charleston- my family has stayed in Kiawah multiple times but I visited the city the first time this spring! Safe to say I can't wait to visit again and will be sure to do some of things on your list!



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