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4 – Bronzer
Happy hump day, lovelies!  I’ve had so many questions recently on my beauty routine {mostly my face makeup}, so I wanted to share with all of you how I get that flawless, sun kissed glow!  And let me tell you, without these products, it’s just not there, so no, I did not #wakeuplikethis or claim to. 🙂 First things first, I am SO not a beauty blogger and definitely don’t claim to be.  My makeup routine is simply what I have found works for me and the products I have fallen in love with over the past year or so.  Typically once I find something that works well, I can’t live without it.  So, here’s a quick roundup of my 7 favorite products!
First up, the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue.  I tried this product for the first time back in February at NYFW (you know when it was 9° and snowing in NYC and my face was terribly pale + dry :/ ) and fell in love with it.  A tinted moisturizer is such a necessity for me because I do have dry skin and I love for a product to give me a little glow.  This does just that – moisturizes and gives your skin a pretty boost in color.  I wear shade #5 in Natural.  Oh, and you can put it on with this brush which is absolutely amazing.  Or if you’re not into that sort of thing, you can simply use your fingers.
2 – Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Eye Brightener.  I don’t exactly have dark circles (yet), but I do like my eyes to look dewey and bright, rather than simply blend in with the rest of my face.  Basically, I use this product for that reason and because it gives you a little extra coverage around your eyes.  (I don’t wear a concealer daily, but when I do, I use this!)  In this product, I wear Luminous #2, Yellow/Light.
3 – Bare Minerals Original Foundation Loose Powder.  Here’s the thing – this is the trick to the flawless part!  I’m SO sure it’s a combination of the Complexion Rescue with this on top, but this product has changed the way my make up looks.  It gives you such a porcelain glow without ever looking caked on and smooths out any imperfections .  If I’m ever just throwing on a little bit of something to run errands and not getting ‘ready, ready’ I use this.  It’s life changing, period.  🙂  I wear Medium Beige.
Original Foundation Brush.  To be honest, I just started using this brush about 3 months ago.  Before that, I was using some rough, terrible brush from 5 years ago that I picked up at CVS. #realtalk  So, when I put this super soft brush on my face, I was amazed.  I realized that the application brush makes all the difference of how your makeup goes on and the coverage you get from it.  (Yeah, so I’m like 10 years late on that light bulb going off…)  Anyway, I would say if you feel like you do the same things over and over every day and the result isn’t getting better, switch up your brushes.  I also use this brush for putting on my bronzer and blush.  Again, that’s why I’m not a beauty blogger, because I’m so sure that’s taboo, too! :/  But, I do.
4 – Bare Minerals ‘READY’ Bronzer.  I love the glow and sun-kissed look that bronzer gives your skin, but choosing the right shade can be difficult.  I’m pretty sure I went through a couple of years in middle school with orange skin looking like I had a bad spray tan.  But, you live and you learn!  Now, instead of using bronzer all over my face and neck, I use it as more  of a highlighting/contouring product.  I apply bronzer on my cheekbones, T of my face (forehead and nose) and around my jaw line.  That’s it.  This bronzer is great because it’s not too dark (and definitely not orange) and stays in place really well.  In this bronzer, I use The Skinny Dip shade.  Also, when I have a great tan going on, I also use this trio palette because the browns are a little darker and the middle (gold powder) is the PERFECT highlighter and gives me such a pretty glow.  (Obviously, I’m all about the glow!)
5 – Original Foundation Blush.  This blush is super similar to how much I love the Original Formula Foundation!  It goes on so well, stays in place throughout the day and gives you the perfect amount of color on your cheekbones to break up the golden glow.  I’ve used a couple of different shades in this product, but I’m currently wearing Giddy Pink and LOVE it!  It’s not too pink or barbie-doll looking, but has a soft, sheer rosy color that goes on flawlessly.   
6 – Dior Iconic Overcurl Mascara.  I feel like I’ve used every over the counter and high-dollar mascara ever created.  Like ever.  Mascara has always been one of those fun new things to try for me, but my lashes seem to only respond to the new formula for like a week or two.  Tops.  And then they’re back to same ‘ole, same ‘ole.  So, I’ve simply had to come to terms with the fact that my eye lashes suck. 🙂 And if I ever want them to look super thick, long and amazing, I have to use false lashes.  Happens to the best of us!  However, this mascara has been the best I’ve used in a LONG time.  The curl in the brush makes my lashes curl and elongates them better than any other product I’ve used.  It’s the only Dior thing I own.  Ha, I think we need to work on that problem as much as I need to work on my makeup skills!  I wear the blackest black, 090 always.
7 – YSL ‘Sheer Candy’. Okay, okay, okay, so if you haven’t tried this product before, you’re not going to understand my love for it.  I love all YSL lipstick.  I seriously have not purchased one color that I didn’t absolutely love, but for an every day, sun kissed look, the Lush Coconut is absolute perfection. Don’t be fooled by the brown-ish tint of the color, because it’s definitely sheer, not brown.  And it gives you just enough coverage to look glossy, dewey and glowing.  I’m not completely sure that this color looks good on every skin color to type, but it’s by far my favorite for accomplishing this look.  Every time my girlfriends ask me what to purchase for an every day look, I tell them this, they turn their nose up to the color and then fall in love with it.  If for any reason the Lush Coconut doesn’t work out, I also wear #9 Cool Guava and it’s so pretty, too.  A hint of pink, instead of a golden tone, with the same beautiful coverage and glow!
Okay, phew, that was a long one.  I thought this post would be a breeze since I was only discussing my top 7 products, but I wanted to be sure to give you guys the pros and/or cons, if any!  This post was not sponsored in any way, simply what works best for me and how to accomplish a beautiful, every day glowing look!  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check them throughout the day!
Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.
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Also, here are a few of my favorite #NSALE Beauty Products that I’ve purchased over the last couple of weeks to try! This Prosecco Diffuser is my new favorite scent in my home, it’s amazing!
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