Braided Bun:

Good Morning Loves,
So, I have always had a thing for the messy bun and adore the way it can turn a simple outfit into looking so chic.  However, since braids have been such a hit for the last little while, I’ve been incorporating them into my hairstyles any way I can.  I love a braid for the beach, with a casual/boho outfit, or a like I did here with a little twist.  But, I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to try it: 

Pretty cute, huh? 🙂
(This was pre-hairspray so the frizzies eventually went down! :))
Here are some other braided buns that I’m loving:

Braided bun
Braided bun!
Pretty Braided Bun
Braided bun
Are you still loving this trend as much as I am?

Hope you have a lovely day!

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