Tuesday Ten


Good Morning Loves!

For me, it seems like this is the Season for gift giving!  A lot of my friends and family have Birthday’s in the Spring/Summer months and there are always a lot of Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Weddings and of course Mother’s Day!  This is the perfect time of year to not have to buy oversized sweaters and chunky scarfs and go for a lighter, Summery (Yes, I just made that a word.) gift.  Here are 10 fabulous gifts that any girl would love to get this Season:

10.) Michael Kors Chain-Link Watch, Tortoise.
Michael Kors Chain-Link Watch, Tortoise.
9.) YSL Golden GlossYSL Golden Gloss
8.) LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Hi-Low Dress

Bridal Shower Attire: LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Hi-Low Dress
7.) Chanel Essentielle De Chanel Palette
Chanel Essentielle De Chanel Palette
6.) Parker Leather Wrap Bracelet

Parker Leather Wrap Bracelet
5.) J. Crew Printed Summer Scarf

J. Crew Printed Summer Scarf
4.) MK Exclusive Spring Perfume Set
MK Exclusive Spring Set.
3.) Rebecca Minkoff Cheetah iPhone Case
Rebecca Minkoff Cheetah iPhone Case
2.) Essie “Fiji” nailpolish
Essie "Fiji" nailpolish.
1.) Kate Spade Clutch
Kate Spade

Have a lovely day!

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