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Happy Hump Day!

I love Wednesday’s–after today, it’s all down hill from here ’til the weekend!  I follow a lot of fashion blogs and I’m constantly doing research to find new ideas to post on here.  I came across a new blog yesterday and she posted photos of the new Jimmy Choo store in San Fran that opened this past weekend.  Let me just say– oh. my. gosh.  I was drooling while looking at the inside of this store.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a Jimmy Choo in Greenville, but I’m pretty sure if we did, I would be taking my lunch break in their lobby.  I just had to post these uh-mazing photos to share with you guys:

Gorgeous, right?  If I’m lucky, this is what my mansion in Heaven will look like.  
Thanks to 9to5Chic for sharing her photos!
Have a lovely day!

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