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Happy Monday!  One of my great friends, Liz is guest blogging for me today–enjoy!

Good morning For All Things Lovely Readers!  I’m Liz over at …with a little Style and Ease

(My husband and I on our 6th wedding anniversary.)
I’m so excited that Megan asked me to guest post today.  Her blog is one of my daily reads and I’m lucky enough to know her in person and, let me tell you, she’s a doll! 

I wasn’t sure whether I should write about Spring Must-Haves, Favorite Recipies, Summer Outfits, or Family Life, so I decided to hit on them all and do a post on what I’m currently obsessing about.  Here goes….

Cute dresses for Summertime.  Paired with adorable flats or even flip flops, looking cute and being comfortable can be achieved simultaneously!

Flowers!  Every Spring I go crazy trying to plant my favorites, tulips and hydrangeas.  I have a brown thumb, so they never last long, but I love them so much!

I’m so obsessed with this Birch Tree Wallpaper.  It’s pretty pricey, so my next house project is to tackle using a birch tree stencil to paint my son’s bathroom.  I have to have this pattern in my house somewhere, and I figure a 1.5 year old won’t complain to me about his bathroom being too trendy like his daddy would.  🙂

I’ve been blonde for 30+ years, but lately I’ve been debating welcoming my dark roots and going ombre like my friend LC here.  I love the combination of brown hair and blue eyes, don’t you?

Gallery walls.  I love how grouped together family photos that may or may not be cheesy or stylish can all of a sudden have this elegant feel to them.

The DIY iPhone Speaker System – yup, that’s right.  Put your phone on Pandora and dip it in an empty glass.  Let the echo do the work!

As women, we are constantly pulled in multiple directions and can get stressed out not being able to do everything for everyone.  It’s important to sometimes throw caution to the wind and do something for YOU!

Gold-tip French Manicure.  A friend once told me she never gets a French manicure because she associated it with redneck women who smoke Virginia Slims.  I tend to agree, but I’m really digging this gold-tipped version.

Warm weather rain.  I’m not one who minds the rain in the Spring and Summer.  What better season to frollick around in puddles and channel your inner 6-year old?!

Bedroom Color Scheme.  I’m obsessed with this salmon-blue combination.  Too girlie?  I might try to do this while my husband is out of town.  Shhh…don’t tell!

Favorite Pasta – Chicken Sausage with Pesto and Brussel Sprouts.  Try it once, and you won’t regret it.  Plus it’s so simple to make and you can eat it room temperature too!

Motivation!  Lately with bathing suit season coming up, I’m trying to focus on being motivated, eating healthy, and feeling good.  I constantly repeat these things to myself daily:

Sources of all pictures can be found here on my Pinterest page!
Happy Day All!



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