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Good Morning Lovelies!

Happy Hump Day!  So, When I really love something, I sort of get stuck on it.  Sometimes that means playing a song over and over until I’m sick of it or obsessing over a certain color until I realize I’ve bought 2 10 things in that one color just this week–whoops.  🙂  Anyway, on the flip side of things, there are a few things that I love that I’ll never get tired of or wear out.  Here’s a mixture of both categories in my top 10 random things I’m currently obsessing over:

1.) Sunny Weather {Obviously, this never gets old}:
Palm trees + sunny weather = love!!!

2.) Maroon 5- Pay Phone {Loving this new song}:

Video here
Maroon 5

3.) Yellow {anything}:

4.) Fresh Flowers {anywhere, anytime}:
... fresh flowers.

5.) Cake Pops {The new fad for Dessert}:

6.) Sunnies {Preferably, Cat Eye :)}
Cat-eye sunnies

7.) Colored Skirts {I’ll take one in every color, please}:
Love this lilac colored skirt from J. Crew... Maybe, my next paycheck...:D

8.) Lemonade {Everyday, March-September}:
pink lemonade pink lemonade pink lemonade

9.) Horse Photos {One day I’ll have my own!}:
Pretty horse photo

10.) Bright Nail Polish {Neon, please!}
neon nail polish

Have a lovely day everyone!


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