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Beach Day Basics

So Spring is on its way in just a few short days and it only makes me want one thing—THE BEACH!  Okay, okay, maybe I’m rushing through Spring a little too quickly, but once the weather gets in the 70’s I want to be laying out.  There’s nothing like the cool breeze, the sound of the waves crashing and the sand between your toes.  No shirt, no shoes, no problem, right?
One of my favorite things to do is pack.  (I know, weird!) I guess it’s because I’m so organized and love putting all my stuff together to get ready for a vacay.  Beach day basics are a must.  Of course you have your typical items such as sunscreen, tanning oil and chapstick, but what do you need as far as style?  Well, here’s the answer:
Classic Cut Offs
Every girl needs a pair of cut off denim shorts.  They’re a staple in my summer wardrobe and timeless.  J Crew has a few great options for a cut off as well as Urban Outfitters.  Throw them on over your bathing suit or with a simple tank and you’re California cool.
Neutral Sandals
It is so important to have a pair of neutral colored sandals or flip flops in your shoe collection.  You can wear them with almost anything and your wardrobe choices are multiplied.  When I’m looking for something cheap to wear around the beach, I usually go for sandals from Forever 21 or H&M that I don’t have to pay a fortune for.  As far as what to wear on the beach, any rubber flip flop will do.
White Tank
You can never, ever have too many white tanks.  Whether they be fitted, loose and baggy or what you use to layer—they’re essential.  I love light-weight white tanks with a small pocket and a racerback.  You can find these almost anywhere, J Crew, Old Navy and Forever 21.
A Cute Cover Up
I love beach cover ups!  They are so cute and fun to buy, plus they can sometimes serve as a casual day outfit.  I love rompers to throw on over a swim suit, but oversized cover ups are extremely chic too.  Victoria’s Secret has great options for cover ups as well as H&M.
LBB (also known as the Little Black Bikini) is a staple.  We all have our most loved swim suits, but to make sure you have a timeless option, go for a LBB.  L*Space has a great black bikini that fits really well.  Just like the LBD (Little Black Dress), every girl needs a LBB.
Floppy Hat
I love to wear a floppy hat on those days when your face has had a little too much sun.  J Crew has the best floppy hats and they travel really well and hold their shape.  Keeping your face out of the sun is a must to prevent overexposure and wrinkles.
Oversized Tote
A classic straw tote with leather handles will last you for years.  You need something that’s big enough to carry your skin protection, sunglasses, your magazines and your towel.  You can find these almost anywhere during the summer!
Well, there you have it—my beach day necessities.  Can you tell I’m in the mood for warm weather and beach days??  And it’s only March!  You can never plan ahead too much, right?  Hope you all have a lovely day!

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