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Between renovating our kitchen and designing our new dining room, I’ve really gravitated towards investing in pieces that feel like art.  Pieces that make you feel something when you reach for your coffee cup each morning or turn on a lamp at sunset.  It’s always the little things that bring me the most joy and catching little glimpses of these ‘scenes’ as I like to call them, all throughout the house bring me a lot of peace.  In a season that feels slightly chaotic, and knowing I’m going to be at home a lot more in the season upon us, investing in things that feel calm and serene means a lot to me.  Home is always my favorite place to be and one piece at a time, I’ll spend a lifetime collecting things I love to fill it with.

Notary Ceramics – I came across this brand about a year ago when I ordered my first lamp (the little white one on my desk) and immediately fell in love with the brand.  A bit of an investment, but completely handmade using the highest quality materials.  Everything from the unlacquered brass details to the cording feels so incredibly high end.  The ribbed paper shades add a little something to wherever you place the lamp – I just love every detail.  I just got a second one (this one) and Notary just collaborated with one of my favorite brands, Jenni Kayne to create two beautiful styles!  I already have my eye on a couple of her other pieces, too.

Panopile Glasses – This is another website that I fell in love with a couple of years ago and I’ve collected little things from ever since.  Currently, their glassware collection is stunning!  I just ordered these ribbed, wavy glasses that I absolutely love, as well as these red wine and white wine glasses that give me all the feels.  Who knew glassware could do that?  Well, me.  When mama can actually enjoy a glass of wine again, I’ll be reaching for these beautiful glasses each night before a bath.  Until then, they’ll really add to my mocktail game!

Lulu & Georgia Chairs – It’s no secret that these chairs are my absolute favorite.  I posted about them forever ago, sharing my love for the style the moment I laid my eyes on them.  Since, I’ve decided to add one to our bedroom in ‘vintage coal’ for my desk chair and it’s perfect!  Everything from the comfort to the color is spot on and I love the hint of moodiness it adds to our space.  Next, I really want four of the larger, oversized versions for our outdoor living area.  They’re just that good.

Amanda Hummer Ceramics – In the last couple of months, I’ve fallen in love with everything this woman creates.  Each piece is so unique, so intricate.  My first purchase was the vase you see in the image above, holding dahlias, and it truly is a piece of art.  Secondly, I just got two of her creamy, white coffee mugs and they are absolutely perfect.  The perfect size, easy to hold, everything.  I already have 6 more on the way so we can have a larger set.  Give me everything handmade – from a kitchen cabinet to the top of a chest, it all adds so much charm.

Jenni Kayne Candles – Nothing brings me more peace at the end of the day than walking into our bedroom to get ready for bed: unmaking the bed layer by layer, dimming our lamps, and lighting a candle.  I’ve shared my favorite brands + scents plenty of times, but recently I’ve been branching out a bit.  Different scents for different seasons (of the year and life, to be honest) and I’m loving JK candles at the moment.  My favorites are Current and Cedar, but just ordered Topanga and Santa Ynez to try next.  I’ll let you know how they are!

Campfire Pottery – I was introduced to Campfire Pottery a couple of years ago when my friend Jen collaborated with them and I’ve been in love ever since.  Their bowls, small plates, tumblers – everything feels so special and unique.  Early on, Jen was kind enough to send me a few pieces from their collection together and once we decided to do glass doors on our china cabinet in the new kitchen, I knew I needed more.  These small oyster plates are my favorite!  The scallop detail feels a bit feminine, yet still neutral enough to pair with any dinnerware.  I can’t wait to serve dessert on them once we’re able to host in our new spaces again!

Terracotta Pots for Outdoor Living – To be honest, it’s rare that I shop at larger, more mass produced stores these days, but every so often Pottery Barn comes out with something that really speaks to me.  We have everything from antique terra-cotta to larger Home Depot pots around our outdoor living spaces, but these feel like a beautiful in-between.  The detailed edge is really what drew me in, but I love the mossy finish, too.  I ordered a couple of these for our new windowsills in the kitchen – excited to see the light pouring in on them SO soon!

Not only do I love the uniqueness of pieces that encourage an artful way of living, but I also love supporting the artists behind the brands.  Creatives who have found their niche and pour into what they love each day – something I can fully relate to and appreciate!  Supporting small really means something to me these days and if there are any similar shops you think I’d love – feel free to share them below!  In the meantime, I’ll be over here with the windows open, candle lit, and soaking up this beautiful, morning sunshine – so thankful for the place we get to call home.

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.

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