It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  And let me tell you – seeing it all through Linen’s eyes is pure MAGIC.  From the lights on the Christmas tree to the stockings hung by the fire, she’s ooing and ahhing at every little detail in amazement.  It’s so joyful to watch and makes it all so special.  This year, she’s 16 months, so I’m trying to be thoughtful with what we give her (and teach her), while also keeping in mind that she’s only one.  Three things from Santa that will be functional and fun, and the rest little things that she actually needs such as clothes, cold weather accessories to bundle up in, her Noodle & Boo soap + lotion, and a couple of books.

Last year around this time, we were just coming out of the newborn fog.  This year, I decided I wanted to be intentional about finding Christmas decor for her room that is special.  Well, our home as a whole, but specially the things she wakes up to and goes to bed staring at each night.  When I think back on the Christmas decorations we had in our home while growing up, it was the things we pulled out year after year that meant the most.  It really made it feel like Christmas!  So, I wanted to start that  collection with Linen this year.  I got her a real tree, filled with felt ornaments by CraftSpring, little houses that light up at night, bottle brush trees, an advent calendar, and a brass ‘Merry Christmas’ banner.  We’ll continue to add to her little decorations over the years, but investing in a few, sweet things this year felt like the perfect time to do so. (Also, her brass stocking holder is HERE and her linen stocking is HERE.)

As far as her gifts from Santa go, she’ll have three things.  (Growing up, we always got three gifts from Santa.  They were always the biggest, most fun things on our list and we came downstairs each Christmas morning.  So, I really wanted to keep that tradition going with L!)  I got her the ‘Anywhere Chair’ from Pottery Barn in Cream Sherpa, a Vintage-Style Pram to push her dolls in, and a little straw “clutch” (if you will) to carry her toys around in when we’re on the go.  She’s just starting to sit down and actually watch things on TV (aka, Piper x 28363 times) so I think the chair will be perfect!  She can climb all over it and tote it around the house.  Plus, it’s not terrible to look at – major perk!  She’s in a babydoll phase right now and LOVES carrying them around, so the pram will be perfect and give her something to balance on while she’s walking around.  As she’s gotten a little older, she’s started wanting to take her dolls or a few toys with us when we leave (even if it’s just in the car), so I thought this little cottage-style clutch would be so perfect for that.  Again, all functional, all aesthetically pleasing, but fun for her to play with at the same time. It’s important to note that she doesn’t need anything and I’m so thankful for that.  As she grows, we want to be intentional about teaching her the reason we celebrate Christmas, why family is such a big part of that, and that it’s more about giving than receiving.  It’s vital to plant those seeds now and watch them grow and bloom in her over the years and a huge priority for us.

I can only imagine that Christmas with her each year is going to get better and better, and even though she’s only one, I’m soaking up every second of starting traditions with her.  I can’t wait for Christmas pajamas, making cookies for Santa and leaving them fireside on Christmas Eve, and all of the little things that make this time of year so magical.

Happy December!  I hope you’re all having a great week and getting in the Christmas sprint, day by day!



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