It’s always around this time of year that I gravitate towards accessories even more!  The casual, minimal days of Summer are behind us and it’s all about layering and texture.  Even still, my style remains to be pretty classic and for lack of a better word, basic, so accessories are always my go-to.  A handbag or shoes can always take an outfit to the next level, but something that’s more affordable can, too – hair accessories.  I’m all about a pretty clip, headband, or even a bow for this time of year!  The holidays always bring the velvets and pearls out of my closet.  Even a simple ribbed turtleneck and Levi’s can be dressed up with a pretty pearl clip or velvet hair tie.  I curated a list of my favorites for you and the specific ones I ordered are here ($25), here ($36 and split the pack of 3 with a couple of friends!), and here!  I already have these barrettes (I wear them ALL the time!) and this headband is next on my list.

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.


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