Jet Set

Fifteen months later, mom + dad finally left the babe behind for a quick weekend away!  To be completely honest, in a perfect world, we most likely would’ve done so before now.  However, in a Covid world, we have of course, been insanely cautious and more than ever, homebodies.  All of that to say, the timing felt perfect.  Everything from Linen’s age and (beginning stages of some) independence, all while the somewhat dire need for some one-on-one time coincided and the timing of it all felt perfect.  John and I promised ourselves that we would not only make time for us, but also make the the time for what speaks to our souls.  Even 72 hours away did just that.  In the spirit of celebrating, we upgraded our hotel room, had a date night at one of our favorite LA spots, lounged by the pool, woke up on east coast time for the sunrise + room service, attended the Veuve Clicquot Polo Match, had dinner with friends, and made it back in time to put our baby girl down for bed Sunday night.  We packed it in, for sure, but for our first time away – it felt right.  It was so nice to get dressed up, have a date night out without bedtime and sitters to cross off the list first, create content again in a place that inspires us, and overall, just switch up our scenery for a few days.  Because we attend the event each year in LA, J made a good point before we left.  He said  “We’ve done LA.  As much as we love it, sometimes you just have to let your memories live where they are.  We can still go for a quick trip and enjoy ourselves, without having to make endless reservations and stay too long.”  And we did just that.  The reminder was such a breath of fresh air and I love his perspective.  Also, as much as we love the time away, we want to make just as many memories with Linen, too.  Show her our favorite cities and the places that feel like home while we’re there.  As she continues to grow, we’ll figure out how to do both.  Anyway, thankful for the time.  Thankful for the man I get to do it all with who loves me as Meg first, and the mother of his child second.  Thankful for the creative spirit it sparked within me.  Thankful for the little things like coffee in bed with a view that filled my cup.  Thankful for my own mama, who kept Linen at our home all weekend long.  Thankful for you who support me every step of the way in whatever role I play each day.  Most of all, thankful for my trio.

Swimsuit: Zimmerman | Sandals: Hermes | Sunglasses: Chanel

Dress: MISHA | Sunglasses: Linda Farrow

Top: L’Academie | Skirt: L’Acadamie | Sandals: Hermes | Bag: Celine

Swimsuit: Zimmerman | Sunglasses: Chanel

Top: Revolve | Pants: Zara | Sneakers: Alexandre Birman

Dress: DISSH

If you have any other questions about outfits or something I didn’t link, let me know below!  I’m so thankful for all of you and your kind words while we we’re away – it means more than you know!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by, Xx.


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