Fall is my absolute favorite season for so many reasons, but specifically – the fashion.  We all love a simple #MegRunUniform, but the best part is, Fall allows you to build on those staple pieces you already have in your closet and make the look as a whole even better.  Investing in those basics makes you closet so versatile when it comes to layering for cooler weather.  I decided to break down my ‘capsule wardrobe’ by season, in hopes that it’s not too overwhelming, and so that it gives you a guide to shop by.  A checklist, if you will.  Below, I’m sharing what you need (relative, as we all know), as well as a direct link to my favorite brand and/or style of that specific item.  Some totally affordable, some more of an investment – you can make the call on that, or even find a similar option that might be more your style. Either way, being able to pull from these closet must-haves season after season, year after year, is what it’s all about.  Here we go!

T O P S :

White + Black Tank | White Tee | White + Black Long Sleeve Bodysuit {also this one} | White + Black Turtleneck |  White Button Down Blouse | Silk Tank | White Blouse

Crewneck Sweater | Cashmere Cardigan | Oversized Sweatshirt | Cozy Pullover

D R E S S E S :

Silk Dress | Ribbed Dress

B O T T O M S :

Black Shorts | Skirt | Ribbed SkirtDenim | Black Denim | White Denim | Black Leggings | Trousers

J A C K E T S + C O A T S :

Denim Jacket | Black Blazer | Structured Blazer | Trench Coat | Shirt Jacket | Rain Coat

S H O E S :

Sandals | Sneakers | Brown Boots (or Booties) | Black Boots | Chunky Heel | Rain Boot

B A G S :

Everyday Bag | Tote | Classic | Clutch

A C C E S S O R I E S :

Hat | Silk Scarf | Cashmere Scarf | Black Belt | Brown Belt | Sunglasses

Remember, this is just a basic guide to the pieces + brands I love and reach for often in my own closet.  From a $12 Zara white tee that I own five of to an investment piece like a Burberry trench – you have to gravitate towards what you love and would wear most often.  I try to focus on not spending as much on the things I’ll wear often, because they’ll get so much wear/washed so often, and spend more on the jackets + accessories that will be more occasional pieces.  If the item is an investment piece, I try to ask myself – will I pass it down?  If the answer is yes, it’s worth the money, in my opinion.  If the answer is no, because it’s either trendy or just not a classic brand, I send it back.

I’ll circle back around soon with a Winter version of this capsule guide and include more items such as heavier coats, gloves, etc. Additionally, a lot of the basic pieces will be repeated season after season because they’re such closet staples, so if you’re starting from scratch, definitely start there!

Let me know if you have any questions below and thanks so much for stopping by!  X.


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Love your style and SO appreciate you making this post! Putting together a staple fall wardrobe is so daunting and I have a hard time pulling the trigger on purchases that I feel are ‘worth it’. Love how all these pieces are so versatile and truly a great blend of affordable add ins and investment pieces, all chic in their own way! Thank you!!


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