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I’m so excited to officially launch our newest space for the perfectly imperfect – Megan Runion Living.

The idea of creating a behind-the-scenes space where the every day details of our life can be shared / accessed has lived on a jumbled page in my notebook for months now.  You see the edited, perfectly curated photos of our home, our garden, or what we’re eating each day, but then follows the question we’re consistently asked on a daily basis – how did you do that?

Over the last 10 years, we’ve poured into this space, along with my instagram account to share as much as we possibly can about our intentional + thoughtful way of living.  Anytime I share our fence, covered in jasmine and climbing roses, my inbox floods with “What plant is that?  How do you attach the vines to your fence?  Will that grow in my climate?  How deep do you plant this variety?”  Or for instance a quick snapshot of our meal or evening cocktail and “Can you share the recipe?” immediately follows times hundreds.  And Lord help me if I post John cleaning ANYTHING – the messages just start flooding in with endless questions.  We’ve opened our lives up to you in so many ways and we could not love the interaction and community we’re cultivated more.  However, rather than giving each and every person the response their question requires, time constraints result in a rushed reply with very little detail.  The list of ‘how-tos’ we’ve been asked to share has grown into a very obvious need for more.


Megan Runion Living is an annual subscription that will give you access to a private instagram account – @meganrunionliving.

For those of you who crave the thoughtful details behind the every day living – this is for you.  We’re welcoming a smaller, more intimate group to do life with us.  We’re going to intentionally carve out time to document the process behind our way of living and share that in a space that doesn’t have to be a highlight reel.  A space where the real and the messy can not only live, but be celebrated.

Becoming a member of Megan Runion Living gives you access to a private instagram account where we’ll dive deeper into the questions you want answered.  We’re honing in on gardening + outdoor living, cooking + cocktails, and of course, cleaning with J RUN.  And more!  We’ll take you along as we pour into our home in hopes that it helps + inspires you do the same.

Megan Runion Living members will also have access to exclusive promo codes to shop some of our favorite brands at a discounted price, as well as first access to vintage finds for the home + occasional sale round ups.  We’re kicking things off with our very favorite brand – THE LAUNDRESS!  All details will be on our private instagram account, @meganrunionliving.

The annual membership is $60 and will automatically renew each year.


ONE. // Please send your payment via Venmo to @meganrunionliving. (After searching, click business for it to appear.)

TWO. // Request to follow @meganrunionliving on Instagram.

THREE. // Fill out the form below to confirm the alignment of your email, Instagram handle, and Venmo.

Once all three steps have been completed, we will approve your membership!  The membership is for one year and starts on the day you subscribe.



What I can expect by joining Megan Runion Living?

We want to invite you to do life with us in the most organic way possible.  Our feed, stories, and videos will all be a behind-the-scenes glimpse into whatever we’re sharing – imperfect and unedited.  We’ll share how-to vidoes, step-by-step recipes for meals + cocktails, tips and tricks for your garden and outdoor living, and cleaning hacks from J RUN.  The best part is, we’ll be saving all of the detailed information in our highlights for easy access / reference.

What’s the expectation for sharing content?

We have a full content calendar, but again we want you to do life with us, as we live it.  Occasionally, we’ll open the floor to Q+As, to ensure your specific questions are being answered.  It’s important to us that the content we’re creating is what you’ve been asking for.  The only time we won’t be available on MRL is when we’re traveling – aka, not doing life at home as usual.

Why are you charging for the information?

It’s okay – you can ask this!  We knew it would be on your minds and we wanted to address it without you having to.  There’s so much of our life that we lift the curtain on – and have for the last ten years.  I’ve been asked it all –  from “how would you style this space?” followed by numerous videos to “is this plant getting enough sunlight?” to “how can I get this stain out?”.  It brings me so much joy to connect with you on that level, however, at this point the amount of time it takes to efficiently and wholeheartedly answer your questions (the way we want to respond) isn’t sustainable.  As you know, an intentional way of living also requires boundaries.  This space will allow us to share more of the real, every day and know it’s in a safe space.  By creating a private membership, we want to focus on that smaller number of people and give them priority.  We will intentionally carve out time from our lives to share those details with those of you who genuinely want to know.

Can I join from outside the US?

Absolutely!  We would love nothing more.  I know Venmo is a US based company, but if you are outside of the US (or simply prefer PayPal), PayPal is okay too.  Simply send shoot us an email and we will get you all of the information needed.

We hope that Megan Runion Living inspires you to live thoughtfully and intentionally while being inspired by the things surrounding you.

How do I cancel after my 1 year subscription ends and I decide not to rejoin?

When the one year subscription is over (one year from the day you join), we will request you via Venmo again for the following year.  If you decide not to continue your subscription, a simple email or declining the request for payment will suffice.


We are so happy you’re here and joining us on a new adventure!  Thank you for your love + support, always.

  • -John, Meg + Linen



Hi, is this only available for people in the US? Because Venmo payment works only there. I love the idea but it’s so sad if I cannot join you, since I’m from europe.


So exciting!! Is it worth it for non-USA residents (Canadian here!) ?! Or will the promos etc. be for USA residents only?!

Megan Runion

For both! Great question! PayPal is perfectly fine, just added the details to the post. Thank you!

Megan Runion

Absolutely! PayPal is perfectly fine!! Just added the details the post. Thanks for asking!


How interesting!! Will your other IG account still be used for those that aren’t quite comfortable paying for a membership?

Hannah S

Hi Meg, John, and Linen! So excited for this new venture! What a wonderful space! I am so very interested in subscribing to this new outlet. However, as someone who can no longer consume alcohol due to medical reasons, I was curious how much of the content is anticipated to be cocktail related? In comparison to the other categories? Y’all do make the most gorgeous cocktails haha!

Megan Runion

Thanks for your question! Sharing cocktail recipes will be occasional and most likely seasonal. Great question!

Ashley B

Hi! I noticed the post said the subscription will auto renew annually. If a subscriber would like to stop the auto renew/subscription, what steps will be required?


Hi there, I live in New Zealand so unfortunately due to the season changes, timing, climate etc. I’m not sure if the MRL content would be helpful for me.
Will you still continue to post on your current Instagram page and the blog? 🤍

Kim K

Hi there! Will it still be $60 if I decide to sign up at a later date? If I do sign up later, will the auto-renew take place on that date or the day you launched this lovely feature?

Lisa Smith

Hi, I love following you but have to admit I am disappointed with the lack of content. With your kitchen remodel I would have thought the followers for meganrunionliving would have had early views/content. You are awesome, and I love your regular IG account. I’m just not sure how this private paid account is different.


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