If you’re anything like me, the day flies by in the blink of an eye and you’ve worn 18 different hats before it’s time for dinner.  There are boxes left unchecked on your to-do list, texts and emails to respond to, and laundry that’s piling up.  We all have so much going on and oftentimes, the days feel chaotic.  They’re not necessarily bad, there’s nothing wrong, life is just crazy.  It’s those moments that we have to be intentional about checking one more box – doing something for ourselves.  Something that calms our soul at the end of the day and brings us a little peace.  Something that’s just for us.

Over the last 8 months, I’ve had to be particularly intentional about this and taking a little time for myself is always life-giving.  Here are a few things that bring me a little joy after a long day:


Getting outside always fills my cup when I feel like I’m running on empty.  Whether it’s early morning coffee or walking around the yard with a glass of wine after dark, it’s so calming.  Take a look at what’s blooming, stare up into the clouds, change your perspective and look at your home from the street – it all makes you feel small.  Refreshed and grateful.  Fresh air is good for the soul and sometimes, you can get what you need in your own backyard.


Let’s be honest, this one should be number one!  Once baby is down and the house is in order, my favorite by far, is a long bath.  A few weeks ago, I realized that I was using my bath time to catch up on social media, publish my own photos, or respond to texts/calls I’d missed throughout the day – all stealing the stillness from my happy place.  I decided I had to be more intentional about protecting that time and even if it means things or people have to wait, I have to ensure it’s serene.  A floral body wash + a candle flickering really set the mood and allow my body to rest at the end of the day.  Setting aside that time to wind down before bed makes all the difference.


For some, this might not exactly ‘bring peace’, but for me, having everything in it’s place makes me function better.  From my headspace to my spirit, I’m so much more at ease when the space around me feels inspiring rather than chaotic.  Even on the days I’m unbelievably tired, I still try to put Linen’s toys away, clean up the kitchen, fluff the pillows on the couch, and unmake a beautiful bed before I climb in.  It not only allows me to rest easier, it starts the next day on the right foot.  John and I are so intentional about creating a space we love and so much of that has to do with the effort we put into keeping it that way.


In a season where it often feels that I’m putting everything and everyone before myself, it’s so important for me to pour into things that fulfill me.  Even if it’s just something small, something that wouldn’t matter to anyone else, if it matters to me – I try to carve out the time.  Writing, whether that’s here or to Linen, flipping through a coffee table book, applying a face mask after the bath, or making a fun cocktail in the kitchen with J before bed – it’s the little things that feel big when you need them.  Even shopping online and purchasing a little something I’ve had my eye on or planning a girls night with some of my friends that gives me a date to look forward to, it’s all good for the soul.


John and I are ALL about a good show or movie!  Of course, we have our favorites that we want to be awake and alert for, but we also have those mindless ones that we’ve seen a million times.  They bring us comfort and most importantly, don’t keep us awake at night.  For me, it’s Friends, Sex and the City, It’s Complicated (anything Nancy Meyers, really) and around the holidays, The Family Stone.  Something easy that you know all the lines to, yet still crack up at.  Nothing thrills me more than to be in the other room and hear J dying laughing at a Friends episode.  Or other times while I’m working or cleaning up at home, I’ll turn on It’s Complicated because it give me ALL the feels and inspires me endlessly.  Whatever it is – putting your phone aside and enjoying the mindlessness of something you love is not-overrated.

Aside from these, here are my favorite things to do to make your home feel peaceful after a long day!

I hope a couple of these spoke to you or sparked something in your mind that will put your soul at ease at the end of the day.  Home should be our happy place and we’re so responsible for creating a space we love and enjoy.  I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Thanks so much for stopping by, XX.

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Huong Vo

What a beautiful and thoughtful post, Meg! I totally understand all of these except for a bath as I don’t have a bathtub, lol! Number one has become such a big one to me since the pandemic started and I feel the same way with number three. I feel better and more free to be able to do what I love when my home is in order.

I would wish you a beautiful day as well, but judging by your content, you’re always intentionally having beautiful days! I hope you feel even more joy than ever before! x

She Sweats Diamonds 


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