I know, I know – she’s only one, but I’m determined to have the whole set up for her on our first Christmas as a family of three.  J laughed at me for wanting to wrap her presents, but even if it’s secretly more for me, it’s happening!!  However, because she won’t totally be aware of what’s happening this year as a 5 month old, I only focused on a few things.  Other than a couple of necessities, I wanted this year to be all about starting traditions – creating memories together and starting a collection of things for her that will carry an immense amount of sentiment for years to come.


Last year, I ordered her very first Christmas book and wrote a letter to her on the inside cover.  Carrying  + growing her this time last Christmas was one of the greatest joys of my life and I wanted the note to reflect just how I felt in that moment.  This year, I got her a few more to add to her collection, including this one, this one, and this one.  I plan to write a little something in each one of them with traditions and memories we create this season.  Lastly, I created a photo book on Artifact Uprising full of our maternity photos for her.  It’s something she probably won’t appreciate until she’s older, but hopefully something she’ll treasure forever.


At nearly 5 months, she’s growing like crazy!  She’s outgrown a lot of the little outfits that filled her closet as a newborn, so I updated a few of those pieces with clothes and accessories that will be practical for the Winter upon us.  As most of you know, I’m addicted to Zara these days, so I ordered her this jacket, these knit overalls, these mittens, these boots, this coat, and this knit cap, all from the MINI section.  It felt like a decent amount of things until it all fit into one little box. 🙂  (Note for all of you mamas who may not be familiar with Zara – it runs big!  Linen is almost 5 months and still wearing 3 month clothing, but still wears a 1-3 months in Zara because of how large it runs.  I purchased most of her Christmas gifts in a size 3-6, hoping she’ll grow into them soon!)


For months now, I’ve tried to think of something I could start collecting for Linen and gift her each year for Christmas.  I’ve collected vintage ashtrays for years, but those will be hers one day anyway, and I wanted it to be something that could be specific to the year it’s gifted.  A couple of years ago, a friend gave me my first French Limoges Box and I’ve loved seeing it in my jewelry box each day.  Before Linen was born, I became obsessed with researching vintage ones to start a collection of them for her and her first Christmas feels like the perfect time. 2020 was a big year for us in so many ways – obviously welcoming Linen into the world, but in addition to that, we also started a new business, Shoppe Fields South.  It’s something that we’ve poured so much of our hearts into over the last couple of years and it’s made the process even sweeter knowing that it’s all because of and for Linen.  (We even wrap each bouquet in linen fabric!)  That said, the vibe of Fields South is London inspired, so when I came across this vintage London Taxi Limoges Box, I knew it was the one!  The absolute perfect piece to start her collection with as we launched Shoppe Fields South shortly after Linen was born.  This series was a limited edition and her specific limoges box is number 19 of 750.  I always love details like that!  The Etsy shop I ordered it from has so many beautiful + rare boxes (as does all of Etsy!) and I can’t wait to scour the internet each year to find a specific box that will resonate with her.  Everything from watering cans and flower boxes for when she starts working in the yard with us to hobbies, animals and cities we visit once she’s a little older.  I mean, can we go ahead and find a Plaza Hotel New York Limoges Box, please?!  I love that they’ll all have a unique story to tell and I’ll love keeping them safe + on display in her great grandmother’s antique French cabinet in her nursery.


When I was a little girl, my favorite part of decorating our house for Christmas was pulling out all of the handmade ornaments and sentimental pieces that we loved year after year.  Our cheesy, but sweet advent calendar, old wooden letters that spelled out SANTA, and a personalized plate for his cookies (+ a carrot for the reindeer, of course) that we sat by the fire every Christmas Eve.  All decorations that I still cherish to this day and hope to fill our home with one day.  I wanted Linen to have that same sentiment when it comes to getting the house ready for the holidays, so I decided to purchase her a small, wooden tree each year for her room.  One of my best friends and I are doing this together for our girls and that makes it even sweeter because we got to find them and start our collections together for year one.  This year, we found them from June Home Supply, but there are beautiful options all over the internet,  We plan to write the year on the bottom of the tree and by the time Linen is in her teens, she’ll have an entire wooden forest to decorate her little room with!  Each one different, each one just as special as the next.

I’m sure this list will vary from year to year, and especially as Linen gets older, but I hope to keep this simple outline as a guide for keeping the holidays minimal and focused on the real reason for the season.  Holidays full of sentiment that she’ll love for years to come and focused more on creating memories together than any material thing.  Seeing the magic in her eyes this Christmas has been the greatest gift and I have a feeling each year will just get sweeter and sweeter.

I hope you all have a beautiful week, XX.




Love this! And yea she won’t remember, but you will, AND there will be pictures so definitely go all out!!
Side note- so funny that you say Zara runs big because our 8 month old also basically lives in their collection for babes, and is on to the 12 month sizes now! Long and lean, but definitely not running small for us. I so wish baby clothes were just *sizes* and not *ages* because it doesn’t make sense!!!


Love these new traditions! I get my 3 sons a new ornament from every place they travel and a sticker for their vintage trunks! This way when they are older and on their own, they have an already amazing Christmas ornament collection


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