Wow – what a time to be pregnant!  I try to keep in mind that there are pros and cons to everything and this is no different. Cons, the obvious – worrying about protecting yourself, and in turn your little one on the way, to ensure a healthy pregnancy + delivery.  Aka, staying home, seeing no one, going no where and staying safe.  The pros – nesting is in full effect a bit earlier than usual (let’s be honest, I’m a nester from way back) and the home projects are being checked off the list one by one!  To be completely honest, I’m thankful to have a little time on my side right now. It’s funny how God works things out in your favor, far before you could even imagine something as unusual and scary as a global pandemic.  We have right around 15 weeks left to go and we’re praying every day that life will soon be back to normal.

I’ve always loved a sweet, baby shower and like most women, I’ve looked forward to having one of my own for years now.  I have a few friends who could take or leave the entire process + celebration, but there’s nothing I love more than gathering all of my favorite people in one place.  Also, I think because J and I got married at such a young age, I wasn’t able to truly embrace my wedding showers, so showering Tiny and getting ready for her arrival at this stage of life feels really exciting.  (We’re supposed to have two showers, both of which we’ve pushed as far back as possible, in hopes we’ll still be able to have them.  I know so many women have had to cancel or postpone, and even deliver with no family + friends at the hospital and my heart breaks for them. Again, praying every day for our world to feel safe + normal again for numerous reasons, all far more important than a baby shower.)  That said, I’ve researched + worked on my registry for months now and after taking a poll on instagram stories earlier this week, you guys wanted to see what’s on it!  Personally, I wanted to be intentional about filling her closet + nursery with things that I handpicked for her, along with pieces that are immensely sentimental, so most of what’s on our registry are functional, must-haves for baby + mama.

We decided to register on Babylist, in order to have one registry with everything in one place.  It was so easy to create and most items are from Amazon, which is super convenient anytime, but especially now while most people are solely shopping online + appreciate complimentary delivery.  You simply add a ‘bookmark’ to the top of your browser that says ‘Add to Babylist’ and you can add items to your registry from almost any website by clicking that button (once you’re on the specific landing page) and categorize your items in one place.  Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, Target, Etsy, Nordstrom, anywhere – all on one easy to navigate list.  It also breaks down the prices, store by store, for your guests to ensure they’re getting the best price, which I think is so helpful!  Here are a few of our must-haves:


Baby Gear + Transportation:


Bath Time:


(Sidenote: Obviously we have diapers + wipes on our registry, but they’re all unavailable currently.  We’re going with Pampers for both, as we’ve heard nothing works better than the OG.)

This isn’t quite everything, as we already have a few hand-me-downs and smaller items that have been so graciously gifted to us, but this is a great start.  We also have a few Toys + Books and Clothes + Accessories on the list, but they’re few and far between. Mamas – if there’s anything you swear by that’s not on here, please let me know in the comments below!  We would be so grateful.

Thanks so much for stopping by – stay healthy, stay home.  We love you!

J + Meg



Perfect list, Meg! It’s truly all you need. Only thing I would suggest is cotton/muslin burp cloths! We use them all day, every day! XO


Hi! We have nearly everything on this list and it’s all fantastic. Don’t know what you’re doing for a bassinet, but we swear by the SNOO. we also really like the solly baby wrap and the snuggle me organic lounger.


After 2 kids, Owlet smart sock is my still my best baby purchase! A complete lifesaver when my first had her first fever and I was too inexperienced to know what to do.


The Love to dream swaddle UP sleep sacks are amazing. I give those so much credit for helping my babies sleep so well.


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