When it came time for us to update our living room furniture, we looked everywhere.  All of the normal places we usually shop, but between the price point and the styles, we couldn’t quite find the right fit – until I stumbled upon Maiden Home.  Their pieces have a beautiful, somewhat feminine, yet minimal look that I was looking for and within seconds of laying my eyes on it, I fell in love with the DUNE.  The scatter back pillows and linen fabric spoke right to my little French Farmhouse soul and everything else we’d considered instantly took a back seat.  Since then, you all asking “how are they holding up??” has been one of our most asked questions filling our DMs.  So many of you have screenshotted your orders for the Dune, sectionals, the cowhide chairs – all of it.  We love seeing how much you love the brand and now that it’s been almost a year, we wanted to answer your question, wholeheartedly.  (Please note that we did collaborate with Maiden Home on our living room, however, this post is not sponsored.)

Naturally, our couches are sat in and used more often than the cowhide chairs (the Hayes) and one year later, three things come to mind.

  • – The Scatter Back Pillows.  Each couch has 6 pillows – we use them to lounge on, re-fluff them after each use, and alternate them often.  They’re down-filled and SO comfortable.  (There’s also a two back option in the Dune, in case you don’t love the scatter back.)  The pillows have held up so well and are just as fluffy and cozy as the day of delivery.  Better, probably.

– Stain Repellent Fabric.  We have two dogs that shed and we entertain a ton.  When thinking about the Performance Linen fabric, we were worried about having to vacuum it daily (although J does that anyway, let’s be honest) and how inevitable stains would look on such a light fabric.  However, the fabric is strong and tightly woven, making dog hair easy to wipe/vacuum off and stains easy to clean.  Although all of our nieces and nephews have kid-tested it when they’re over, we don’t have kids yet to know how they hold up in that sense, BUT one of my best friends did spill an entire glass of wine on one sofa.  (You know who you are and I still love you. 🙂  Within minutes, J had the entire spill cleaned up and we waited on the water spot to dry overnight with our fingers crossed.  The next morning, the stain was completely gone.  Not even a water mark!  I’m not sure if that speaks more to J’s cleaning or the repellent of the fabric, but either way, it was an accident that you can’t even tell occurred.

  • – Quality of the fabric.  We chose to go with the Khaki linen and we absolutely love the color.  The slipcovered look is so chic and like I said, the fabric has held up really nicely, even after stains.  However, if there’s one downfall – I would say that after a year, you can start to tell where the fabric (on the most used parts of the sofa) are starting to wear.  The cushions and a few of the pillows are starting to have a bit of a picked look, but the best part is, because it’s all slipcovered seperately, I’m sure replacement pieces of fabric could be reordered if needed.  They simply looked lived-in, and they most definitely are, so I’m okay with that!

Lastly, the cowhide chairs have held up so well!  They are so chic and add a little, modern touch to our space that I love.  We’ve moved them from room to room and they look great almost anywhere.  They’re actually more comfortable than you would think and the cowhide is so perfect for our space.  Light and airy, yet gives us the farmhouse, equestrian feel that I love.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions before considering or ordering from Maiden Home!  We are so grateful for our past partnerships with the brand (our bed is from there, too!) and we’re so happy that you all love them as much as we do!

Thanks so much for stopping by, XX.



Margie Eby

Wanna say something…if you had to it over again would you buy the sling cowhide chairs? I absolutely love your taste! It’s so me in every way. I just want to be sure the chair fits well with modern and antique style mixed with some femininity to it. I live in Lake Wylie and we pass Greenville on our way to our cabin in north Ga. Love the area


Wanna say something…question. My concern with the slip covered look – which I Luv, is it begins to sag in the front – after use. I’m basically the only one that uses my sofa. I luv to knap at times. What about the structure of the slipcover itself will it begin sagging?


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