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The holidays always feel magical, but this year in-particular has been so meaningful in the most unexpectant ways.  In years past, J and I would’ve just come off of a season of endless traveling, a full calendar of busy plans as soon as we’re back home, and a packed itinerary for the upcoming week.  However, if 2019 taught us one thing – it was to be still.  We learned how to sit with things.  Feel them, work through them, and heal from them.  We realized that those trips, although adventurous, left us feeling all over the place and disorganized.  A full calendar of busy plans is just that – busyness.  We’re so much more intentional about what we say yes and what we say no to these days.  And lastly, we decided that in year 10, we would enjoy the holiday for ourselves for a change.  We love nothing more than surrounding ourselves with family, but it usually leaves us with little time to focus on our little family.  We’ve traded busyness for stillness and we’ve never felt more content.
As most of you know, our cottage is our happy place.  There’s no where in the world we’d rather wake up, no where we would rather end of day, and no place we feel more ourselves.  Although we’ve had our fair share of holiday parties and get togethers with the people we love, this season has looked a lot like cooking-in at night, crossing our favorite Christmas movies off the list, windows open and fire roaring.  In all honesty, this year has been heavy and it has felt so good to just put it down at the end of the day. We’re giving ourselves a little credit for how far we’ve come and we’re overwhelmed with thankfulness.  This year has taught us invaluable lessons, brought us closer to each other than I ever thought possible, made us even more grateful for the little things in life, and reminded us to focus on what feeds our souls.  And in this season of the year and this season of life – that’s a cozy night in, in our favorite place.
That said, whatever this season looks like for you, I hope you’ll soak up each and every moment of it with what brings you joy.  I hope that’s your home, whether it’s just your family or gathering people around your table, and I hope you feel so much peace there.  I hope we all give from the heart, while being ever-mindful of other people’s needs.  I hope you’ll take a step back from the craziness that we all get caught up in and remember to be still.  Know it’s okay to let go of the things that no longer serve us.  And lastly, I pray we’ll all remember the true reason for the season and thank God for the lessons learned, the hurdles jumped, and the strength gained.  Ending the day (and the year ) with a heart of gratitude for the love surrounding us – grateful for small things, big things, and everything in-between.
Merry Christmas from our little home to yours – we love you so much!
J + Meg


Christy Hults

Beautiful! From the heart to the surroundings….your aesthetic truly represents what you’re feeling, simple, thoughtful and genuine spirit. Thanks for always sharing your soul which speaks volumes of your character and humanness!


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