My last gift guide of this year’s series – what I want for Christmas!  I know, I know, J and I are only doing small, meaningful gifts for each other this year, but it doesn’t hurt to put out feelers to everyone else, right?  Mom, dad, sis, Bueller…?  Anyway, here’s what I have my eye on this year:

Chic Art – Over the last couple of years, I’ve really become interested in adding art to our home.  I’m really drawn to feminine, but minimal pieces with a French flair.  Shocking, I know.  One of my favorite shops, Anecdote just launched three of these beauties and I’m in love with this one!

Perfume – Without a doubt my favorite scent, ever!  The perfume oil is actually better (in my opinion) than the actual perfume spray and one of these littles will last me about 6 months.  I only have to purchase it twice a year and it’s always a great stocking stuffer.  J, this is meaningful, right?

Shearling Coat – I’ve had my eye on this coat for months now and have yet to pull the trigger, but I LOVE it.  It’s so feminine + neutral and I know I would wear it all the time!

French Flatware – A little kitchen update that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time and the holidays feel like the perfect excuse.  After 10 years, it’s past time to update our flatware a bit and since designing + getting our new marble dining room table, I’ve thought this teak flatware would look so good on our table!  Definitely a gift that would keep on giving – especially as much as we host!

Outdoor Lounge Chairs – Don’t think for a second that just because it’s Winter we won’t be outside.  Sure, we may not be able to work in the yard or live outside like we normally do, but it doesn’t stop us from opening the windows in every room or wrapping up on the front porch in the mornings.  Once the holidays are over, I’ll have Spring on the brain and I’ve wanted these striped lounge chairs for so long! I’m trying to talk J into a little ‘happy hour pool’ (as I like to call it) in the backyard this year and these would sit so pretty beside it.

Cozy Slippers – Not just this time of year, but I always live in slippers.  I usually get a new pair each year so I can throw out my oldie goldies.  I tend to wear them outside and over to friend’s houses for a cozy night in so I usually go through them pretty quickly.  However, these are more of indoor only slippers that are a little more luxe – they would be perfect bedside to slip on each morning!

Vintage Champagne – J and I always love to grab a bottle of vintage Veuve Clicquot this time of year to pop on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Toasting to the year behind us and all that’s to come in the one ahead.  Plus, you know I love writing that date/year on the cork each holiday and adding it to our collection!

Coffee Table Books – I feel like we should turn those three words into a drinking game around here, right?  Haha, I can’t get enough!  I’ve found so many good ones recently and I’ve been purchasing them like crazy for my friends for Christmas.  These are so chic and I love the NYC and Paris city guides!

Other than these, I have a couple of plants + chickens on my list that won’t come until Spring!  Can you tell I’m already ready??  Haha, the minute the holidays are over, I’m all about moving onto warmer weather!  But for now, soaking up every second of these sweet, holiday moments and celebrating endlessly with family + friends!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I love you all!



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