Jet Set

Another one of my favorite gift guides each year – what to get the JETSETTER in your life.  Travel must-have and accessories are one of those things that you don’t really know you need until you really need them.  That moment when you’re on the plane and need to drown out the noise, awkwardly carrying your hat through the airport, your phone is on 1% battery, when you need to grab your ID quickly, etc.  You get the point.  I love to keep all of my travel favorites in my carry-on so when I unzip it to start packing, it’s all right there and ready to go.  Being organized and prepared, all while trying to keep it all together is key.  Here are a few things to set you, or the jetsetter in you life, up for success while traveling!

LAPTOP CASE // Pulling your laptop or iPad out for TSA is a must at most airports, so protecting it is so important.  I love this sleek, leather case because it will easily fit inside your tote without taking up too much room.  The leather will wear really well and it can also be monogrammed (free of charge!) with initials, a company name, etc!  Such a great way to give something practical, but that also has a personal touch.

CARD HOLDER // A total life-saver when needing to get to your ID and CC quickly.  I like to keep mine in the side pocket of my tote so that it’s hidden, yet easily accessible.  It’s also perfect for throwing in your handbag once you reach our destination so that it’s easy to pull out when you’re rushing around town.

MASK // My favorite mask EVER.  The Summer Friday’s Jet Set mask is such a necessity after a long flight (and any other time, too).  Flying will dehydrate your skin, so it’s important to replenish.  This mask specifically is a clean beauty product and perfect for all skin types.  I use mine while traveling and every day before applying my make-up.  I know it’s not a primer, but my skin is really dry, so giving it a little extra moisture before setting my make-up works really well for me!

BLANKET SCARF // Need I say more?  Not only is this perfect for everyday use, but a blanket scarf can easily double as a light-weight throw on a flight.  Especially this time of year when we’re all most likely traveling during chilly temps, it’s perfect for staying cozy on your flight as well as once you land. This one is so good and less than $50!

TRAVEL BAGS // Hands down, the best cosmetic bag duo on the planet.  (I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say that!)  I’ve used these leather travel bags for YEARS now and no other bag compares.  They’re spacious, high-quality, and will last for years.  They can also be monogrammed and come in a ton of different colors.  You get both bags for around $100 and I promise you – the receiver will be SO happy with this one!

COZY HAT // Another must-have for traveling around the holidays – a cozy hat!  Sure wool and cashmere hats are nice, but there’s something nice about traveling with an inexpensive hat that you don’t mind throwing in your tote or packing on top of when you need to.  This one is so cute with the faux fur pom and a steal for only $26!  It would make the perfect stocking stuffer, too.

LEATHER HAT CLIP // One of the most functional and amazing inventions TO DATE!  On the flip side, the hat clip is such a necessity when you have a structured hat that you don’t feel comfortable shoving in your bag.  A few of my Janessa Leone (my favorite hat brand) hats simply aren’t packable in order to keep their shape so this invention has been a life saver!  It simply clips onto your carry-on bag and keeps your hat safely attached without having to awkwardly carry it around.  Only $48 and a complete life saver for a frequent flyer!

CARRY-ON BAG // If you’re looking to splurge a bit on your jetsetter, this is the best carry-on on the market, in my opinion!  Not only is it chic, holds up well, and easy to travel with – it also charges your iPhone or laptop!!  The battery is super easy to remove while flying and snaps right back in when you’re ready to change.  Simply charge the battery at home before taking off and it will give you up to 3 full charges when you need them.  From carry-ons to large suitcases, this is the only brand we’ll travel with.

PASSPORT HOLDER // Okay, let’s be honest – maybe they don’t need the Louis Vuitton passport holder, but you do.  If you’re feeling super generous to the jetstter and luxe-lover in your life, you cannot go wrong with this one.  Or, if you’re looking to simply treat yourself this holiday season, again – you cannot go wrong with this one.  I use this passport holder on a daily basis as my actual wallet and it’s so good – on a trip and on the daily!  It organizes all of your cards, cash, and passport easily, and is obviously so chic.  Mine is monogrammed on the inside in gold, MCR, which is free if you order off of the LV website.  The passport holder or the LV card holder is such a special gift for the ones you care about most.

PORTABLE CHARGER // One of those things you always need, but never seem to have when you do! A portable charger while traveling is a necessity.  Aside from your normal phone usage, you have to account for needing to look up directions, call Ubers, etc while traveling and need your battery to be top-notch when doing so.  This is an inexpensive MUST for any traveler and so practical.

HEADPHONES // For some reason, if I ever forget anything while traveling, it’s headphones.  Never on a long flight, but on a quicky to NYC for instance, I’ll think I don’t need them and I immediately regret it.  Let’s be honest, traveling is some of the best people-watching (and listening) and sometimes you just need to drown out the noise.  This set is so good, not too bulky, and will last for years!

JEWELRY ORGANIZER // Another favorite gift that can be personalized for that extra touch, comes in a few colors, and such a necessity when packing.  I like to make sure the pieces of jewelry that are sentimental to me or that I’ve invested in are protected, so this organizer is perfect.  Can you tell I have a slight obsession with all things Cuyana?  It’s such a great, classic brand and they’re travel accessories are the absolute best!



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