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As most of you know, when it comes to champagne – my loyalty lies with Veuve Clicquot.  Not only is it my favorite drink to have in-hand as we celebrate life and all the chaos that comes with it, but they know how to throw one heck of a party.  Without a doubt, our favorite event of the entire year!  This year marked the third consecutive year we’ve attended the #VCPC and trust me, it was like no other.  Veuve Clicquot was celebrating their 10th Anniversary of the Polo Classic and let me tell you, it was a year to remember.  There are two Polo Classics each year, one in New York in June (which you would think we would attend over LA because it’s closer, but we started the tradition strong and can’t give up on it now) and the other in LA every October.  Not to mention, the weather in LA is just absolutely perfect and cannot be beat.  This year, it was a dreamy 78 degree day – perfect for sipping champagne all day and catching up with sweet friends.

For the last couple of years, we’ve attended with two of our Chicago friends Bob + Jenn.  They are also #VCPC regulars and we always have the best time.  We vowed this year to not only continue our tradition of attending LA together, but to hop on board and do NYC next year, too!  (They already attend both each year, i.e., J and I are the ones hopping on board.)  Celebrating Veuve Clicquot is easy – why not do it twice a year?  The event in general is so fun and luxe, but when you have friends by your side to experience it with, it makes the day so much better.

As of this year, there are three different types of tickets you can purchase to attend the Polo Classic – General Admission, the Rosè Garden, and the La Grande Dame, which was new this year.  Each are different, but just as amazing in their own ways.  Three years ago when we attended for the first time, we were in the Rosè Garden and it was stunning.  The decor is fabulous and the rosè is endless.  It’s also where the merch booth is – you know how much we love scouting out vintage Veuve Clicquot pieces for our home and we always grab a couple of things at the Polo Classic that will one day be vintage VC.  Usually a book, an ashtray, or last year, J got a set of super cute socks (yeahhh, those probably won’t be vintage anytime soon).  For the last two years, the brand has been so kind to invite us into their VIP section, which is full of friends of Veuve Clicquot.  It’s always such an honor to be surrounded by so many of our influencer friends + celebrities and we’re so grateful!

On that note, when I say the celebrities were everywhere – they were EVERY.WHERE.  Over the years, I’ve tried to work on my ‘cool-girl’ factor, but at an event like this, it’s really hard to do.  I mean, when Julia Roberts walks by your table in full polka-dots, it’s hard not to geek out.  Insert – Veuve Clicquot and take a sip to keep from screaming.  When we arrived, Jenn and I chose the one and only table in the shade and it just so happened to be right beside the celebrity entrance, so we really lucked up!  We didn’t miss a thing and kept our eyes peeled the entire time.  People like Ignacio Figueras, Mandy Moore, Rachel Zoe, Christina Hendrix, Leah Michelle, Justin Hartley, Rachel Bilson, Rumor Willis, Lake Bell, and Kristen Dunst (just to name drop a few) kept walking through the door and at first, it was completely a moment.  Then, you see them living their best lives right beside you, just like we were, and it reminds you that they are normal people, just like us.  Veuve Clicquot in hand and dancing the day away.

Other than the endless Veuve Clicquot, my favorite thing about the event has to be the decor.  Veuve thinks of everything and spares no expense to make sure the day is perfect.  From chic garden chairs with VC colored cushions to bottles of champagne hanging from the trees, the creativity that goes into making the Polo Classic so unique is always appreciated.  Basically what I’m saying is, Monica (and her so-called soulmate) wants to live in a house of cheese and I want to live in a house of Veuve Clicquot.  Is that too much to ask for??

Again, thank you so much to our Veuve Clicquot family for this year’s invitation!  Truly, it’s organic partnerships like this one that remind me why I love what I do so much and give us memories that will last a lifetime.  Forever Veuve Clicquot loyal and many more Polo Classics to celebrate!

My Outfit Details:

Top: Majorelle (My friend Rachel who designed it, was also at the event!) | Skirt: L’Acadamie | Belt: Gucci | Shoes: Schutz | Sunglasses: Gucci | Handsome man always by my side: J RUN

As always, thanks so much for stopping by, X.


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